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Zucchini, patchwork and family time

Days certainly seem to go at a different pace when you are on holidays. I find it extraordinary the way the days pass by: different routines, different environment, different simple pleasures!

I have told you before that I love to cook and bake during my more free days and since we were having my Grandmother (a wonderful 87 year old lady) and two of my Aunts, I decided to make a gourmet yet simple meal. I had already tried last year the Zucchini flower risotto and had loved the flavour so dediced to do it again!

So early on Saturday morning, me and Leonor went to the garden to pick whatever we needed to make the risotto! Since this is the only place I can ever find zucchini flowers I always cook them one way or the other although I must admit I feel a bit guilty about harvesting the small things….

Aren’t the flowers amazing? It’s a shame you never see them in Portuguese grocery stores! Our risotto turned out very tasty but also visually quite stunning!

For dessert I made two different cakes: the lemon loaf one that my Grandmother had really liked and a Chocolate and Caramel one because after all with 4 boys in the house, chocolate is more their thing than lemon! I used another recipe from the Made from Scratch blog. And did I hit the jackpot! The recipe is amazingly good and again easy to do. Thank you Rachel!

But I wanted to give them something more rather than just a meal! A while back I had done a needlebook following an amazing tutorial by Amy from Nana Company. I made the first one following her step by step instructions.

This time I dediced to use some leftover fabric from another project I am working on to make the needlebooks. They ended up being different sizes ones but I really loved the end result. They are easy to make and after all everyone needs a needlebook to take on a trip or to simply store it in their purse.

Nice, right? Just in case you are wondering the fourth went to my Mother! So, yes they are all gone BUT…. I still have two complete kits for the tutorial you can find on Amy’s page (Nana Company). I liked it so much I just had to set up more than one kit. I already gave some of them but I still have two that I would really like to give to my followers!

Do you want to win this kit? Yes? Then just leave a comment on the blog and tell me what is your favourite fabric pattern. After all, you already know mine! Please comment until this Friday, the 30th of August and I will announce the winner on Monday.

I have added the tags and ribbons to the kit as well so you have everything you need! And I promise you will have lot’s of fun making the needlebook, so comment away!

  • Maria jOão Sotto mayor - É um pouco difícil dizer qual é o meu padrão favorito em tecidos, porque fico apaixonada por muitos. Preferencialmente gosto de flores miudinhas e tons pastel, entre eles rosas e verdes.ReplyCancel

  • Edite Teixeira - Olá! Espero conseguir desta vez ser uma das felizes contempladas com um destes kits tão giros! O meu padrão favorito é um que tenha objetos de costura impressos ( independentemente da cor do fundo, ter maquinas de costura, botões, fitas métricas, agulhas e carrinhos de linha de madeira, por exemplo, impressos).
    Beijinhos e continuação de boas férias.ReplyCancel

  • Ivone - Os teus estao todos lindos! O 2º kit (o de baixo) é mais a minha cara! Até gostava de o ganhar so para me obrigar a praticar o que aprendi na única aula de costura que tiv com o Vítor! Mas se nao ganhar o kit, uma fatia de bolo de limão também nao ia nada mal!!!

  • Maria Barata - Gosto muito dos padrões dos tecidos da Kath Kidston, especialmente os com flores, parecidos com uns que uma tia muito simpática usou uma vez para me costurar um saco!ReplyCancel

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