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Your heart will lead you Home

I am a profound admirer of animation movies, Disney ones being those after my own heart. It is not just that all stories have a happy ending or that good always prevails over evil. Every one of the them talks about the Values of life: love, friendship, honor, protection, courage, humbleness. All those things that in our daily lives seem to be scarce by the minute.

I have some favorites of course, because choosing one was completely impossible. Some are romantic, most say I love you between couples but there are others that simply refer to one of the most important things in my life: friendship! If you have seen Tiger, the movie or Up (this one not Disney but amazing still) or Toy Story just to name a few, you know exactly what I am talking about. If not, you have your next weekend program set for you!

I can almost guarantee that you have all said I love you to your spouses, children, parents, companions, family of different sorts. But how many times have you said I love you to your friends? Because if they are friends, the real ones, it is love not just like!

Funny enough I think that to friends, we show more than speak how much we love them! In smaller or bigger ways there is always a gesture put out there that shows that we are loved and cared for and that we love and care for. Last week I was lucky to have a friend sending me some flowers and the most wonderful words! Because she knew I needed that support, because she cared. For that I am so, so grateful.

Friends, much more than lovers, can live apart and maintain and cherish their friendship. Messages, phone calls, emails and lots of icons and webdings are part of the daily exchanges between friends. Mind me, every friendship need to be nurtured, just like any other relationship. But if you take the time to do this, to make yourself present, by one way or the other, then you do have friends for life.

I am lucky to have real friends in my life, the kind that you can laugh and cry with, the ones that have stood by my side thru thick and thin, from my wedding day to some hospital stays. I had a wonderful time this weekend with some of them. It has been years since we spent a weekend together because sometimes life just really steps in the way. But you know what? We had a fab time, like our children say! We even took a group photo that is the funniest ever, in the dark streets of the center of Guimarães!

It’s a little like Find Waldo or who is who! But if there is one thing I have learned is that nothing happens on it’s own: for love to grow we have to cherish and take care of it. And take photos for posterity. Even if they end up looking like this one!

One of my friends is going thru a very hard time in her life. I know she feels heart broken, alone, sad. We don’t live close by so it makes it more difficult to do what I would normally do: stop by, bring cupcakes or soup, go out for tea or a glass of wine. For now we have to content ourselves with phone calls, messages and icons. But I can say how much I love her and will ALWAYS be here for her. No matter what! Consider this a virtual hug, kiss, that cupcake or soup delivered to your door. Because remember this, jut like Pooh said, “if you feel lost and on your own and far from home, you are never alone you know. Just think of your friends, the ones who care, they all will be waiting there, with love to share, and your heart will lead you home”. Love you lots!

Because Life is a story worth sharing, make sure your friends know you care!

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