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Wonder woman or just an everyday Mum

If your age is in some way close to mine, for sure you grew up with the mythical image of Wonder Woman and of course it’s male character Super Man. With a waist the size of a wasp, this slim figure dressed in red and blue, was the heroine of a generation.

I honestly do not recall what exactly were her powers, surely inhuman and, well super! Years passed, for sure other Supers appeared but then Mrs Incredible came along. This, also slim, wasp waist type of super hero was elastic! But she was also a Mum, a Woman and a Wife.

As I start a new adventure in my life and bring Miss Lacito’s out of the blogosfere I still do not consider myself as anything super. Although super powers would be welcomed, I honestly would rather have them more in the style of Samantha the witch than Wonder woman (by the way I really liked that show!).

Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could move things around with a simple twist from my nose? Really, how much easier wouldn’t my life be? Instead I just have to use the power I was given: be organized and meticulous to the second. I am no more, no less than many others. No hidden super powers, no magic wand, no special closet.

Is it easy? No. Is it doable? Yes. Is it rewarding? For sure! In good essence I am first of all a Woman, a Wife, a Mother! And my how I love it all!

As I look around me I see others that also juggle a busy working life with a (big) Family. Because I know what it takes I admire them so! Like me they for sure fail often, cry a bit when the load seems to heavy to lift but ultimately get up the next day and like the Nike add, Just do it!

I have no regrets about the life I choose for myself. I love what I do, I have a family that supports and helps me,  a husband that is always ready to lift my load, 4 lovely children. I have hard work and some hard tasks ahead of me, but then again, don’t we all?

So as I went to bed (very late) last night this idea of super powers came to my head and after a very little but sleepless night I got to the conclusion that I rather just be powerless! It would for sure be much more tiring then the life I have now.

Another disturbing thought is continuously springing into my head: should I keep the blog as it is or change it to meet the new comercial version the brand is taking? Honestly I don’t know what time will tell me to do. For now, please forgive me but I will keep this tiny space as it is: a place to share a bit of what I love to do.

For the new comers: I am a working Mother of 4, that loves Patchwork, sewing, baking, bookbinding, scrapbooking, decorating and party organizing! Probably failing in most of the tasks I assign myself I still love the end result of what I do!

The doll house I made for Leonor with chipboard and scrapbook paper. The furniture was bought from ebay on second hand and we still have lot’s of things to fill!

A very old scrapbook layout in one of my favorite places in the world: the french alps.

The styling for a birthday party at the Hotel Intercontinental Porto, Palácio das Cardosas with of course the talented work of Francisca Neves from Cupcake.

A frame with some photos of Leonor’s first year.

A bag for a very special little girl called Matilde.

Yes, Miss Lacito’s is beginning a new journey but in it’s essence it is still the same person that one day decided that Life was a story worth sharing! Me!

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    Un saludo y enhorabuena de nuevo!!

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