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When life gives you prunes…make jam

We all know that nature’s circle has a mind of it’s own and although we would love to receive fruits of it in small weekly portions, well, we either have it all or nothing, normally.

So there I was preparing to enjoy a calm weekend (ok, not so calm with 4 of my children’s friends sleeping over and other 4 coming to spend the day) when I noticed that we had more prunes than any of us could ever eat! In the period of time they would be good for it of course!

So I decided to make jam. Lucky enough I had been already collecting jars, otherwise it would have involved a trip to buy them which I wasn’t keen on doing! I try to re-use jars whenever I can, keeping the prettier ones for this purpose.

I am not a jam expert by the way, and I am really pondering investing in a special pot to make jam, but for now I had to settle for what I had. If you are looking for a tutorial for jam making, this one is great and I use it every single time, changing just the fruit I am using! You probably think that all the hustle around the jars is not needed but believe me, it is!

So first, collect and wash the fruits!

Then weigh them! I still use this old scale. I am sure it isn’t probably the most precise thing in the world but…

Hence the hard work begins: boiling the fruits with sugar, some lemon drops and a tiny bit of water until they turn into jam.! The hard part with prunes is having to remove the kernels after it is ready to be bottled! The good thing about them is that you don’t have to slice or peel them!

Here you have the jars ready to be used after their time in the oven. It is all well explained in the tutorial so do take a look.

But one of the best things about making your own jam, besides of course it being really good to eat, is decorating the jars to give them away. What do you think?

Have you ever made jam? What kind? Do you want to share your advices with us? Please comment and if you do you have the chance to win one of my jam jars and a little surprise with it as well! I will announce the winner on the 18th of July!

Oh and by the way, I haven’t forgotten about my other giveaway! The winner is Yolanda Padilla! Congratulations and please let me know where should I send your prize!

Can’t wait to hear from you! Because life is a story worth sharing…..

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