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Treasure from a friend

Do you know when you have something so precious that you store it so you can dedicate it the time it deserves? And then time goes by and other things come in the way and that treasure you have stays hidden away for a little or a not so little time….

And then by some coincidence of faith and time you stumble upon it.

That happened to me yesterday! I was organizing Leonor’s room, which was in deep, deep need when I found a box. I new that box had fabric no doubt, but after taking it all it’s content out and making two piles, a to keep and a to give I came across my treasure!

Yes, a real treasure! It may not seem much to you: some bits of fabric sewn together but it is not just the what it is more the who.

I had a friend, yes had, because she is no longer with us, that had amazing hands, exquisite taste and a knowledge about patchwork like little in Portugal. Cancer took Inês in 2012. But besides the memory of her broad smile and huge talent, she left me this treasure…

For most, this might not look special: a small piece of apple core sewn pieces and some squares that were destined for a sampler. Well, maybe they don’t look like much but they mean the world to me!

They are a reminder of what is good and beautiful. And yes the photos are not much but I so wanted to share my good fortune I just didn’t wait to get them at their full potential.

Because I am a firm believer of paying it forward and because I know that Inês would join me in this cause if she was here, I decided to use these pieces and transform them into two small quilts that are destined to raise money to rebuild houses in Nepal (craft for nepal). I have decided to share my treasure with others.

The work is already on the way and by now we have 24 quilts in the making. Yes 24! Spread between a lot of talented and good willing ladies, they are slowly but steadily coming together.

I am proud of the work we are doing. No matter how much money we raise in the end: we have been working hard and dedicating our time to help others.

That is why I just couldn’t keep this treasure for myself. Why? Because it is giving that you receive but most of all because I know somehow, these pieces, cut and sewn by Inês three years ago were destined for this cause….

Because Life is a story worth sharing…

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