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To accept an unfinished task

Although saying the words “I give up” is something against my nature, I must admit that for once I am just going to say them. Not because I am actually giving up on it but simply because I have decided to face it as an unfinished task, a yet blank canvas on which there is room for improvement. What am exactly talking about? My blog!

I have been working on rebranding Miss Lacitos and the blog itself but although not everything is yet as I desire I think it is best to move forward than to simply have it stopped completely!

So much has happened since my last post that to go over it I would need several posts! Just Christmas itself would have so much to write about! Instead I am just going to tell you a little about my last crafting projects.

I have been doing a lot of new scrapbook projects: mini albums, cards, tags, surprise projects for our scrapbook event (find more in and so much more! Whenever my heart is filled with joy I find this urge to share my feelings with others so I scrapbook!

I made this album as a gift for my husband on valentine’s day. It is a simple book about his 40th birthday party. I used the Save the Date line by Teresa Collins because the colors are so pretty.

I am really proud of the way it turned out and even prouder that I get to teach this project! I have had two classes in our store, 512 Ideias, and have two more in papel y papel in Madrid! I do hope they will like it!

In between all this there was a baby shower to organize (I promise a post about it), a new niece to welcome and the everyday routine of a working mother!

But in the process of preparing my Monday patchwork classes I feel in love with a project from the book Zakka handmades! I have done two of these little bags but already have more in the making!

I love these sweet labels and well the decorative stitches in my sewing machine. They do give a special touch! I have already made a placemat to match the red flower bag! Well, I actually made two…. And if you want to make one of these bags along with me, just come to 512 Ideias in Porto on Saturday the 22nd!

Last weekend weather was the perfect occasion to just take some new photos! Isn’t it amazing how the sun has such an energizing effect on us? I must admit we were all tired of the continuous rain that has been going on in here for, well, the last 4 months!

At this time of the year I always have these flowers in my kitchen window! And this one decided to great the sunny day with a new bloom.

Then it was time for some fun in the country and for that there is nothing better then running on a very high grass field!

The first signs that spring is about to come can be seen in so many different places! We just had to go and see if the wild primroses were also in bloom. We call them bread with cheese flowers because that is how Granny always named them! They smell so, so good!

So let’s hope that the good weather stays with us for a while longer! Because it is so much easier to take good photos when the sun is shinning and we can run outside! And well we do feel so much better with life in general!

  • Ivone - Thanks God it’s “spring”!!! And yes, sometimes we need to say I give up, but when I read the title I thought you were giving up the blog…! Glad you’re back!!!!ReplyCancel

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