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Times of change

I have always liked the move of Summer into Autumn. I don’t really know why but from all the season changes, this is the one I like best. Maybe because the colder days remit us to home, to family, to days spent by the fireplace (or in my case the idea of a fireplace).

It is by this time that I usually resume to some of my favorite hobbies: baking. And then knitting. I only like to knit with wool so I normally wait for the weather to get colder before I start doing this (not that we have had any cold days by now)! Cowls are my preferred project because I don’t have to count stitches and rows and be careful not to miss a pattern. Let’s say I am a lazy knitter.

Just like the wind brought Mary Poppins, Autumn brought changes in my life. Time will tell if good or bad. For now they just mean more work, more sleepless nights, more days away from those I love.

And as my life changes so those Miss Lacitos. Not only image wise but project wise too so keep in touch for what is coming ahead! I hope you all like the new “dress” we have put on. It has been some very long months of work, decisions and questionings!

The summer happy and relaxed days are long gone. From them I keep the family days spent together. And some photos that I simply love! They may not be works of art but they transmit the serenity and happiness we all look for so many times.

In short those images reflect my summer: lazy days with family from close and a far, water sports and a lot of cooking and baking.

My children have grown so much lately: Luís in Architect college, facing the challenges a new school brings, Gonçalo struggling to enjoy some classes he needs to take to follow his professional dream, Filipe trying harder to be more responsible and Leonor just starting school. Yes my life is so thankfully busy!

But today I am living up to a promise I made a while back, more precisely on the day I gave the workshop in Porto to gather smiles for Manoli: the recipe for the Lavender cookies! So finally here they are, in the new format you will now find the Miss Lacitos recipes.

I am adding a very similar recipe, this one for Rosemary cookies. They are great to serve with cheese and they proved to be a family and friends favorite this summer!

Lavender cookies

Rosemary cookies

Give them a try and let me know what you think!

Because life is a story worth sharing…. let me know what you think!

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