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The true beginning of the year

There are many different marks in the “calendar” that you can acknowledge as the beginning of the year: you can celebrate the 1st of January as the number one day, you can follow the Chinese calendar and celebrate the first day of the year somewhere around February, you can consider that it is your birth date that dictates your number one day in a year, what starts you of into a sort of rebirth.

Quite honestly for me and although I always celebrate the 1st of January and have a look on the Chinese new year, September, with the beginning of the School year, is in fact when the year starts for me.

This is the month that comes after vacation, longer or shorter, it doesn’t really matter. Then, and as you start receiving your children’s schedules for school, football, ballet and so on, you start rearranging your time, your life.

You set out to buy (or make) new agendas, new calendars, new notebooks, you pin in the refrigerator who is going to be where, doing what, you search your head for innovative but easy recipes that you can make thru the endless weeks to come.

So yes, for me, life changes a lot in September and in this one particularly, as I start a new and very exciting challenge! It changes more then I can remember…

Because I am an organization freak I know that I need to have some tools ready to enter this new phase of my life. I am definitely not the type of person that dives into the unknown without being prepared, fully organized. Well, at least I try not too.

A notebook is something I always have and when I start something important, a new one is a must! For work I prefer simple and clean design ones. And since gold is definitely the statement color for office look at the moment, a new gold ruler was a much needed tool.

I like pretty and elegant things. And these gold bow pins are very much me! My parents gave me the gold scissor a few months back and the stapler is a new add on, from the DIY shop line by American Crafts.

But the best on my new office are these watercolors! They were a gift from a friend (thank you Susan), painted by her daughter and I have been keeping them for a very special day. They are a set of four and I promise to post a photo of the set when I have them hanging on my wall.

Phase 1 of my beginning of the year organization completed. Now for phase 2, getting everything at home ready, I admit I am a little behind mainly because the after school activities for my children have yet to be decided.

But there is one thing I have already done, which is my weekly menus. By now I have a set of 4 so I can rotate the meals. At our house we always have vegetable soup to start and finish with fruit (I actually always eat my fruit first, but that is an entirely different story). Soup varies from spinach, watercress, carrot, pumpkin, green beans and so on.

Every now and again I make Roasted vegetables soap for myself. It is very healthy and warming! It is super easy to make: peel the vegetables (you can leave part of the pumpkin skin on), put them in a baking tray, sprinkle with olive oil and some dried herbs like oregano, thyme, basil and let them roast in the oven at 180ºC for 90 minutes. When they are done put them in a casserole, add hot water and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Blend everything together, add salt and you are done!

I am sharing with you my weekly menus bellow, although you will for sure laugh because they are in Portuguese! But well that is my household main language and functionality is the main purpose of these planners so….


I wonder if there are other Mother’s out there who struggle like I do to bring variety to their household meals. Since to add to the time factor one most also bare in mind each child preferences and dislikes, our own schedules and activities. So why not share with me your planned meals for each week? Do you find mine useful?

Anyway, today is for me the beginning of a new year and I am all set and prepared! So with that in mind, I leave you with an Abba song to start everyone on the right path! Have fun!

Because Life is a Story worth sharing, thank you for being part of mine!

  • Ana Sousa - Realmente a Patrícia é muito organizada. Eu tento, mas confesso que funciono melhor na pressão do momento ☺.
    Quanto a refeições planeadas, tenho uma fixa, à segunda feira é dia de massa de atum, como é o dia que chego mais tarde é a refeição rápida e reconfortante que precisamos depois da correria.
    Quanto aos restantes dias vou variando entre o peixe e a carne, a alface, o pepino e a cenoura são os vegetais de eleição.
    Fica o desejo de um novo ano de sucesso ☺ReplyCancel

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