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The sum of our actions

Four weeks ago I decided to take action on something. I knew I could not make it happen on my one so I reached out for help. To all of you!

I know I have said it a few times but it still doesn’t feel like enough! THANK YOU!!!!!! To everyone who contributed, who helped, who kited, who traveled to attend the workshops, who made it all happen!

This will for sure be a little like the Oscar ceremony! The number of thank you’s will seem endless but please endure me!

When I decide to do something to help Manoli, if it wasn’t for Paula Pascual and Beth Kingston, I am not sure I would have gone ahead so the first T.Y.’s go to them! Then I needed help to move this in Spain so I reached out for Toñy Hernandez and Monica Parga. We formed the three mosqueteers in this cause! They did much more than I did so… Gracias chicas!!!! Un million!

It is very grand to decide to help others but no man is an island! And when the number of kits raised to almost 300 I needed someone to help with the dull task of cutting, counting, packaging and kitting! My amazing elves have worked four days already and tomorrow, hopefully, the task will be finished! Besides de odd cookie and expresso coffee I didn’t have much to give them but still they came! Alexandra Moreira, Maria Feio, Natália Barbosa, Ivone Barata, Margarida Oliveira, Rosália Rocha, Madalena Pina e Maristela Alves: you rock! P.S. If I forgot someone I apologize….

Then I went to Montijo! On that small town in Spain, people from Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca, Cáceres and other places got together to make the project. Some drove for as long as I did: 4 hours each way. To all of them, thank you! The lunch was wonderful and I feel bad for not taking anything to share! A special word has to go to Conce, her sister María and to Pelu Estylo (I think it is Feli but I don’t want to mistake myself) for her giveaways! And also to Mamen at 5 centimetros! I love the pins and of course my new mug!

I came back richer than I went! Just like me, they all left their homes on a Sunday for a greater cause. And nothing can ever top that! Gracias!!! Espero verlos a todas muy pronto!!!!

Y aqui esta lo prometido: las recetas en castellano! Ahora quiero ver quien va a ser la primera a hacer una de ellas y a enviar fotos!

Recetas en castellano

But you know what? All this movement, all this giving, all this generosity is not to be accounted on my actions. No, they are the sole result of someone much greater than me: Manoli Picatua. She was the one that made so many hands join. If there is something I can ask is that we do not let this die, that whenever needed we can join hands for a greater cause.

From my small seed a firework of others exploded! The number of other events that was born from mine is huge and I have honestly lost track of all of them. To these other entrepreneurs of kindness, thank you so much!

The math is made up, the sum of what we achieved is complete. And I am still speechless with the numbers! Believe or not, by this moment we have raised 8.400 smiles, give or take. Yes, I didn’t make a typing mistake. The value is that high!

For now my goal is achieved: we did raise smiles for Manoli. We didn’t find the cure for her daughter’s disease, we weren’t able to remove the pain from her life but we did help lift a huge burden! And that is worth a very big smile!!!!

I think that in an older post I added this soundtrack in the end! I am almost positive of it! Well, today I just feel that it is necessary to play it again!

Because life is a Story worth sharing….sing along….

We All Stand Together!!!!


  • Monica Parga Balsa - No puedo decir nada mas de lo que ya te he dicho, eres grande, ojalá en el mundo hubiese mas personas como tú y como manoli, todo seria mucho mas facil.ReplyCancel

  • Mamen Martínez - Una entrada preciosa!

    Gracias Patricia por tu generosidad. Tú fuiste el origen y sin ti nada de esto hubiera comenzado a crecer.

    Un besazo enorme!ReplyCancel

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