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The most asked question of all!

Hello dear friends! As usual my time here has been non existing but for very good causes!

Besides traveling a little to see friends and family, working on raising awareness for my brand overseas and just keeping up with the everyday working and family life,I still somehow found the time to surprise the love of my life with a birthday party!

Ten years ago I did the same thing! At the time I was pregnant with my third son and removed all the furniture in my parents living room to set tables for 40 people to have dinner. Yes, everyone was sitting down. I made a lot of surprises for that day and it was really memorable.

So 10 years on I just had to do something. So I dismounted another living room, set the tables for 50 people sitting down and again prepared a lot of surprises. And I am really happy about the result! It was in fact memorable and I have to thank all of my family and friends that stepped in to help!

It was a marathon to achieve it all but I was a tired but very proud hostess at the end of that day!

But the question I hear more often these days is this one: how can I do it all, where do I find the time, do I even sleep (ok, I admit, very rarely more than 4 hours a night but I have learned to live with it), where does it all come from?

I have no magic wand or super powers, so yes, a lot is done with effort, lack of sleep, dedication and a huge amount of love. But the key to my success in events, family or business ones is: PLANNING! Yes, organizing everything in due time is the key!

I mean, if you wake up one morning and decide to have a party the next week for a lot of people, things are not going to go well!

Here are some of my secrets:

– Plan ahead as much as you can: the invitations, who is coming, where is it going to be, what type of food are your serving, the color palette for the decorations;

– Make lists of the different tasks you have to do, dividing them by weeks and adding to each list as time goes closer to the date;

– If you are sending invitations by post, confirm with everyone if they have in fact received it;

– Plan the meal carefully, acknowledging how much help you have or if it is just you and the pots and pans;

– Don’t try to do it all by yourself: delegating is a very important tool to master! Ask trusted friends and family to hop in so that the end result is perfect: they will be glad to help and you will have extra hands to dive in the tasks needed;

– There are professionals for everything in the market these days so if you have never done macaroons don’t try to make them on top of everything else: go out and buy them;

– That goes for a stunning cake that will make a pretty table and all that goes along with it. You all know that there is no party for me without Francisca’s cakes (from Cupcake). Both stunning and delicious! You can have as much or as little as you want: use decoration elements to combine with the cakes to have a complete set;

– Balance your meals well: don’t have all dishes meat or fish, make sure you have vegetarian alternatives and that the amount of deserts and appetizers is according to the main dish (that is of course if you are having a main meal);

– Make sure that you update your lists as the time comes closer to the date: this is of crucial importance!

– If possible, set the tables and decorations the day before: even if you are late preparing the food you can rely on your pretty settings to entertain the guests;

– Allow some time for a bit of self pampering: no one likes a hostess that looks like a car has run over her (just think that it is worth while to get yourself pretty so that you are as good as what you have prepared);

– There is no need to fret about the things you didn’t have time to accomplish, just think that what you have done is the result of a lot of planning, time and effort so it is indeed great! Just relax and enjoy your event or party! I know I do!

So here you have it, the secret is really to plan ahead and make lots of lists! Of course this requires for a lot of small journals, pens and mini pads…..

P.S. I have been scrapbooking quite a bit but cannot show it yet! Promise to do it soon!


  • Toñy - Muchas felicidades Patricia, gracias por hacernos participes de los preparativos de la fiesta sorpresa, para tu esposo.
    Como anfitriona eres unica.
    Tuve la gran suerte de estar junto a ti al dia siguiente a bastantes kilometros de tu casa y seguias radiante de felicidad.
    Gracias por tus consejos.
    Un abrazo muy grande para toda la familia.ReplyCancel

  • margarida Oliveira - Muitos,Muitos,PARABÉNS Patrícia!!! Por tudo…mas, principalmente por a dedicação o carinho o amor com que faz todas as coisas. Obrigada por partilhar estes momentos.Muitas FELICIDADES para toda a família.Um beijinho Grande!ReplyCancel

  • Ivone - Agora, pergunta seguinte: como consegues sobreviver sem dormir???? Eu já tentei mas ao fim de três dias ninguém (incluindo eu) me consegue aturar!!! De qualquer forma confesso aqui e agora que houve alturas que te chamei super-mulher (com uma certa inveja!)! Admiro imenso as mulheres que assim o são! PARABÉNS amiga!ReplyCancel

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