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The 3 F’s

People from my generation were brought up by the undeniable 3 R’s campaign. Suddenly the world woke up to a need until then unknown: recycle, reduce, reuse. There could be other R’s for sure to make this message stronger but they came out as 3 and as 3 they stand till these days.

Three is in fact a powerful number. It has been since the beginning of times. From the Greeks to the Christians, from Math to Science.

Thru the craziness of my recent times, I found myself pondering about my Threes! But before I take you into my journey thru this number I will, if you allow me, make a suggestion: open the link bellow in a new window, press play (and skip ad if it pops up) and then come back here.

Since I know myself FAMILY is not part, IS my life. I remember small things, small details from my existence that are filled with so many people from my family. I remember Sunday mass with my Grandparents and holding my Grandfather’s hand while we prayed Holly Father, I remember one of my Aunts making me take her up the stairs when I was 8, I remember being driven in a motorcycle so I fell asleep, I remember dressing the special Ballet dresses my Aunt Dadinha had. I remember Granny’s pea rice so much I can still taste it in my mouth although she passed a long time ago. I remember the day I decided my cousin was a sister to me. I remember my Father reading Anita’s books when I went to sleep, I remember the coming along of my brothers and sister. I remember and cherish.

Being a Wife and a Mother was always what I wanted for myself. Probably because of my Mother and how she made us feel: loved. Believe me, things were not a sea of easiness! Me and André were all the time fighting with each other, João was always getting himself into trouble that most of the times ended up with me taking him to the emergency room and Catarina was the baby that sometimes, let’s face it, was a bit in the way. I remember all this vividly. We played football in the living room, we baked, we went on holidays in the motorhome together. We raised memories that I know we all cherish. Almost as much as we love each other.

Then my time came, the time to start my own family. After the Yes we became two, then two years after three and so on until the last of our babies was born, making us the proud parents of 4 children. Each birth came with joy and of course the usual pain and aggravation typical of it. All of my children are different. They all, in smaller or bigger ways, have gone thru hardship sometimes. Luís the calm, Gonçalo the sweet, Filipe the PR or the social one and Leonor the decided! Just like the rainbow they are all different but compliment each other. After all who would want just grey? Sometimes I think that they are growing up too fast but I am proud of what they are becoming so I just breath deep and go on. Aren’t they perfect? As a Mother my wish for them is a simple one: learn how to live to be happy!

I recall a saying that went “And thru life they went, hand in hand together”. Not sure where I saw it but it stuck. And yes, this is how I want to go thru life with my husband. Or as Winnie the Pooh said: ” If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.” It is not always easy, it is not sunshine and roses everyday. But it is so worth while! Because of him I discovered I smile! And a lot! For those amazing images, thank you! Thank you for reminding me that I can keep on smiling!

The past month for me has been one of the hardest I have faced so far. For many reasons that most of all just mean one is alive. Going thru it all was only possible because of all these amazing people that are my family, my friends. So Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart!

But my heart is also full with FAITH. I sometimes wonder if I should share my believes or not. But here it is. There wouldn’t be me without it. It is my belief in God that gets me thru life, that makes me wish and still have faith in a better, more human world, that makes me search for the goodness in people. He is the first thing I reach too when I wake up, and the last one that I say goodbye. Everyday.

Sometimes I wonder what would be of me if I had done this instead of that. I am sure most of you do. In the big things, the ones that go right and those that go wrong. We always question, we always reflect. And so as my racing month went by I did reflect. I did think. About those that have been there for me, for us! The FRIENDS that have been there, thru thick and thin! Small and big things like a fruit salad brought to you when you were in bed, a visit to the hospital so you can laugh and make time go by more quickly, a phone call, a message, a hug, a kiss. Just like the song goes, “in good times, and bad times, I’ll be on your side forever more, that’s what Friends are for”. And indeed so it is!

So yes, these are my 3 F’s, my foundation, the base in which my life is structured. I believe it is solid enough to get me thru the hard times and that is joyful enough to celebrate with me the good ones. And oh my, how blessed I feel for it!

I have never known how to make great speeches. If I recall correctly I have only made two in my life, both of them pre-written. Believe or not, I am quite shy at expressing my feelings that way. I prefer to write. I know that so many loved ones are not in those photos (Chef Lino I am thinking about you and will never forget your dedication, just to name one) but they summon a thought I would like to pass on: I love you all and I hope the words I write today, make up for those my throat didn’t allow me to say a few days ago!

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