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Thank you!

Exactly 17 years ago, my oldest Son was born. He came 4 weeks in advance due to some complications during pregnancy. He was a very tiny baby.

Exactly one year ago I was submitted to surgery to fix an health problem.

Both these days, both these events changed who I am. The first one made me a better person. The second a more grateful one.

Grateful for the simple life I live, for the family that I have, for the amazing man that shares his heart with me, for the children that God gave us.

Be not mistaken, I don’t have it easy! I work really hard, I run all the time trying to make the most of every minute, of every second. As most working Mother’s I struggle between the duties of my job and the tasks that being a Mother, and a good one, imply.

I fail often, I loose my faith in people sometimes, I struggle to be a better person once and again.

My children are my reason for living, for getting up everyday, for looking forward for the years to come. They changed me and made who I am today: a really blessed person!

Two years ago, at more less this time, someone in my family was going to a hard time. Yesterday I was reminded of that moment and of one of my strongest (it seems) characteristics: Believe!

So, to Margarida, thank you for reminding me, to everyone that from close or far has been at my side, especially this year, my heart will always be thankful and to everyone that is fighting a battle for or in life, Believe!

I Believe



  • Edite Teixeira - Como eu compreendo bem e dou valor ao papel de mãe trabalhadora a 200% em prol do bem estar dos filhos e da família, mesmo com as adversidades que de vez em quando surgem no caminho!!!
    Parabéns ao aniversariante e aos papás orgulhosos! Beijinhos.ReplyCancel

  • Yolanda - Precioso Patricia,

    Acredito num amanhã melhor, acredito que o tempo põem as pessoas no lugar, acredito que trabalho é recompensado. Acreditar, sempre !

    Estão todos de parabéns !!

  • Rosália Rocha - I’m a beliver too! Parabéns. Beijinhos.ReplyCancel

  • Mara - ¡Hola Patricia!

    Soy Mara, nos conocimos en Creativa Madrid.
    Aunque no comente, que sepas que te sigo. Me ha parecido un post muy lindo el que has escrito. Enhorabuena por esa familia que tienes y sobretodo, por ser como eres. Un besoReplyCancel

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