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Tea, Ballet and Brotherhood

Those who know me, know that I hardly ever take any time for myself. Between a busy working life, a big family with children in demanding ages and the teaching trips to wherever it is necessary, there is no time left really.

So when a year back more so, my health required that I changed some of my workaholic habits, I decided to go back to Ballet. I had heard that there was an adults class at my old school so I gave a deep breath and made myself go there. It wasn’t easy and for three whole months I just couldn’t find any free time in my agenda to actually go to a class.

In January I said no more and moving my classes around I ended up finding the free slots I needed. And I am so very happy that I did! Why? Because it is the one thing I do for myself, just because, well, I deserve it!

On those two hours every week I just don’t think about anything else besides the exercises, keeping my belly in, breathing properly and enjoying the music and the dance. Whenever I can’t go to a class I get very angry! It is like someone is stealing from me.

And that is how after more than 25 years, yesterday I stepped on a stage again to perform. Mind you, I wasn’t any prima ballerina, just one of the many students that attend the school. Me and the other 5 adults, the “old ladies” as the small girls call us, were nervous as in our older days of glory sort to say!

I loved every single second of it and I can’t thank our teachers enough for trusting that we could do it! Thank you Baba e Zezinha! (and thank you to my good friend Patrícia who gave me the flowers after the performance) (oh and of course my two small friends, Marta and Sofia: I could not have done all the saturday rehearsals without your companionship!)

I am currently working on a very special and top secret scrapbooking project! I hope I can finish it on time! And I will show some pics of it!

With the school year coming to an end it is time to prepare some small gifts for the teachers so I am trying to come up with something simple to make! By now my idea already involves sewing, baking and a bit of scrapbooking so there goes my simpleness!

One of my favorite moments this week was going on errands with Leonor. I needed to buy some supplies for my next sewing projects so we went together and ended up having tea at the cutest place ever in downtown Porto: meet Leitaria da Baixa (and go there if you can!). Her English blood spoke higher so between a scone and a croissant, she choose the scone!

In my image diary this week (meaning iphone always in hand) I ended up getting this shot of my two older boys! It is so rewarding to see how they have grown to be good friends as well as brothers! When they were small they were all the time fighting for every little thing!

I hope I can somehow finish Leonor’s quilt this week! I can’t wait to show it to you! And as since we started rehearsing for the Ballet show that I have been listening to this amazing music, no better time than the present to share a little bit of Liszt with you all!

Un Sospiro by Liszt

Because life is a story worth sharing!

  • Michelle - Glad you’ve stuck with your “me time”, sounds like you’ve done really well and is doing you good! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • biby scrap - It’s great! I Love ballet and Of course, no matter about age. Beautiful shoots. I want to see your secret scrapbooking project. KissesReplyCancel

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