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Tea and Chocolate

There are somethings that definitely go well together! Some of them become our comfort whatever! If you think about it for a while, they always come in pairs, and I like them as so!

Things as, sugar and spice, bread and butter, coffee and biscuits, strawberries and cream and of course, Chocolate and Tea! Some studies show (well, there are always studies for everything, right) that some combinations of these two ingredients have several health benefits. For me, much more than any possible improvement on my body state, the improvement on my mood, mind and disposition is incredible!

Funny enough and as I am writing this post I have a cup of green tea at my desk! My tea ritual during the day is more less the same: I start with English Breakfast, go on to green tea until noon and then change to Rooibos in one of it’s many flavors until I go to bed. My chocolate ritual is also always more less the same! I start with a square after lunch, normally milk, go on to hazelnut or praliné and finish after dinner with 70% dark! Yes, I am a woman of habits! That of course can be broken!

So although I don’t ask people that I meet if they like Chocolate and Tea, I am beginning to discover that my friends do! I mean, my real friends, people that I share my life with, do! Coincidence or not, it makes sense that people you care about and that care about you share the same passions!

I could never mix Chocolate with soda, or coke or orange juice! It just wouldn’t be or feel right! Sooooo when the right opportunity came along to do something different, I knew I needed tea to go with chocolate! And hence is born….

Tea and Chocolate, Té & Chocolate, Chá e Chocolate, however you want to say it! I am sure that by now you have guessed which one am I, but….do you know who tea is???? No??? Yes???? That is correct my good friend, Manoli Picatua is my Tea!!!! And together you will find us, for the first time as Tea and Chocolate in a fabulous event that will take place in Ferrol, Spain, on the 9th and 10th of May, just one week after another fabulous event, this one hosted by myself and my company, Chocolate Quente XL, in Porto (see how chocolate follows me everywhere?).

So on those two days you will find us teaching, giving workshops and demos on that amazing show! We will have EXCLUSIVE kits and classes made just for that! Paper classes I mean, not culinary ones! Scrapbooking, paper crafting, home decor, card making and of course a million other surprises is what you will find if you go there to meet us!

I couldn’t be happier about this new challenge! And I know Manoli feels the same thing! Mind me, this is a huge step for us, that has been carefully prepared over the last 6 months! Yes, that long! Good things don’t just happen, they are planted, watered, give the first sprouts and eventually blossom!

So, take out your agenda’s and pin down these dates, 9th and 10th May 2015, Ferrol, Spain: Tea and Chocolate with Manoli and Patrícia!

I have been searching the web for a song about tea and chocolate and haven’t found one! I guess we might have to write it! BUT, I did find this hilarious one about tea! It made me laugh already!!!!

Because Life is a story worth sharing…..have a cup of tea and a bit of chocolate!

  • Rosa (Scrap con R) - What a delicious post, and what a delicious combination! As I have already told Manoli, I am one of the “there is no life without tea” people, so I felt like crying out of excitement when I listened to the “tea song” (I might borrow it from you for the next post in my blog, which is a smash book page on the topic: “daydreaming is easier with a cup of tea”hehe. I made this very morning… what a coincidence!!!
    I wish you both the best in this new adventure. I am literally at the other end of Spain but it felt so nice to find out there are people who feel like me!ReplyCancel

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