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Sunshine after the rain….hopefully!

They do say that there is always sunshine after the rain. This weekend it felt like that for me but after so many “rainy days” on my parade, sort to say, I admit I am playing it safe!

Normal people, as I often say, consider weekends as leisure and Family time. For me, for a big part of the year, a weekend is just like any other weekday: work and a bit of family time. So when Saturday I actually had the time to have some ME time and some family time, I must admit it almost felt strange. Which is not normal at all!

I took a painting class, I organized and tidied my house, I cooked, baked for a Valentine display I am making, watched some TV and yes rested just a little tiny bit! It felt so good that reaching Sunday night and thinking about Monday did make me sad. Not because I had to go to work but because I know weekends like this one won’t happen any time soon.

We all know and repeat that time goes by so fast. I honestly think it flies above Mach3! And unless we get on this very high speed road, we end up knocked out of it. It is almost a counter sense but which somehow makes sense!

So after so many “rainy” days I enjoyed the sun more then ever! God knows how long it will last and I just pray that the big storms may be kept afar! The truth is that we have to learn to savor what we have, when we have it! And oh my, how I savored these last days!

Yes, I am proud to say that my 3 year old can pipe meringues! Oh, and you can see that she is a girl after my own heart: red with white polka dots! Her favorite apron… but it actually belongs to her brother and has a man cut! At least it’s red and matches the kitchenaid, right?

We had to run to keep her pace on the bike so when it was time for a snack and although someone did have to carry the vehicle we at least got to walk at a normal pace! By now she is the only one that indulges on programs with us on Sunday mornings. The boys all have their things and are not to be bothered!

For know the “rain” left us and we can enjoy each others company. So if you are already thinking about the weekend ahead and if you can, here is my advise: enjoy the rays of sunshine on your parade! Big, small or shy they are always better than none and if you smile at them I can guarantee you will feel them smiling back!

Because life is a story worth sharing….live fully so you do have something to share!

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