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Sunday routines

No matter how crazy, busy or simple my weeks are, my Sundays all fall down into a routine that I have a very hard time giving up! Sunday is family time! Or at least I try it to be.

So when a client asked me if I would go teach at her store this Sunday and I said yes I knew that my usual routine that fits into a 13 hour day would have to be compressed a little. Mind me, I like to teach and I do it gladly but I do feel that Sundays are the hardest days to give up on my family.

I made this Gingerbread man organizer. It was a very simple project with some tricks here and there but that I think everyone enjoyed!

After the class it was time to go about my routines: supermarket shopping with Leonor to fill the pantry for the week, make lunch, bake with the small ones, do some errands on the house, go to church, make sunday brunch dinner and then relax a little with husband (ok, so yesterday we had to work on one of my projects so we were working until late but at least we were together!).

I love cooking with my children, baking specially! It is such a sentiment of joy! They love to do it more than eat it I think!

We had so much fun! We made caramel cake with chocolate chips this time and Leonor is already a pro cracking the eggs!

Next Sunday we will make our Christmas tree and I just cannot wait for that to happen! It is always such a fun day. But before that I have to finish my secret project, or better said, my 4 secret projects!

But I am still waiting for your comments on my previous post! Don’t you want to win my Christmas organizer? Anyone?

P.S. I apologize for the bad quality photos! My iphone and I don’t yet understand one another well yet!

  • Yolanda - I like very much this project and this post. I can feel the joy of your family. 🙂ReplyCancel

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