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Stop, organize, start over!

I spent the first two hours of my day (yes two whole hours) cleaning up my office. After mentally organizing how my Monday would be during the weekend, it was enough to step into my office room and decide that I needed an organized environment to get me thru the week!

There is something extremely soothing that comes from actually seeing the floor! In my defense I can say that I had to disassemble several pieces from the magazine photoshoot, including an oh so amazing party decor!

I can do my creative/project-design work in more less chaos. I survive on such an environment for as long as I need to finish the task in hands. But once I have completed it I simply need an organized environment to work. Period!

Since this week involves a lot of desk work, I need my surroundings to be more or less pristine……So, in spite of all my preparation and scheduling on how today was going to go, I just had to stop, organize and start again!

One week away from my supposed vacation, I already know that I am taking work with me. At least for the first week, I just have to tackle some still not tackled subjects. Although I don’t like it, I have learned that it is what it is and worrying too much about it is simply not worth it!

In the meantime and updating on our Craft for Nepal venture, we have made 25 quilts. YES, 25 QUILTS!!!!!! We are going to sell raffle tickets for 1 “brick” each and we will draw out 25 winners, one for each quilt. We hope to raise 6.000 “bricks” for this cause. If we manage that, we will be able to support two families and give each of them a new house. Isn’t that worth all of our efforts?

Because Life is a story worth sharing…..please share and join in to help if you can!

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