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Sewing Ideas

I like terms, words and phrases that somehow hide content. Things that can be seemed and perceived as one and also another. Weird probably but if you work in the scrapbook/events industry, you know how valuable this is!

At the same time I like the titles of the things I do to have meaning. And I also like to do (and give) useful things. We do not want things to sit around merely catching dust!

In less then two days time I will be teaching alongside my dear friend Manoli Picatua, in the north of Spain. We have over 50 ladies attending the Scrap & máis event. And this year we turned the cards around and Manoli is doing an amazing Mini album and I will be teaching an altered art project (hopefully good…).

That is why Sewing Ideas (or Costurando Ideas) was born, so that I can go and teach alongside my dear friend but also from my strong belief that one can do simple, functional, yet beautiful and stylish things!

Filled with small details, with small ideas, lots of tricks and of course….hundreds of little things to do… So ladies, brace yourselves for a class that includes scrapbook, sewing, embroidery, decor, watercoloring and so much more!

And in case you are wondering, yes I will be teaching this class again in Porto, during the month of October.

Sewing Ideas, as the name says, or doesn’t say, can be literally about sewing, can be about life in general, about the ideas that daily spring to our head, it can be about memories or almost any other thing! For me it is about prettiness, and loveliness and the feeling of home and homemade.

To my friend Maristela who planted the seed for this project in my head, thank you! To all of you coming to Scrap & Máis, I hope you will enjoy the project and have lots of fun! To those in Porto, I promise to let you know when I will be teaching this sweet class!

Because Life is a Story worth sharing, thank you for being part of mine!

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