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Sewing friendship

This post is actually a few months behind…but I strongly believe that when ones whatever Mojo is gone, you might as well just sit down, retrieve, rest and come back. At least this is what years of self exhaustion finally thought me. So that is what I have done!

I am now a few weeks in to my much needed rest, which, as you probably imagine, for a Mother of four with her own company isn’t a totally do nothing. It is more of a work in process kind of thing.

And when it comes to blogging and writing, believe me I have tried but as much as I love my mother language I just don’t know how to express myself in it…so back to english only for now.

After this break, where I got to sleep more than 4 hours per night, walk, read, play with my children, cook, bake and do a little bit of traveling, I realized, full circle, how much I was in need! In need to stop mostly but also in need to find my inner peace.

What I have realized that this isn’t something you go on search for and then your done. It is a constant, go to thing that you need to work on and fight for on a daily basis.

It was a very good friend that told me that I didn’t know how to rest, how to stop, how to simply do nothing. At first, I admit, I was deeply offended. Then I thought about it, I cried about it and realized she was right. Not doing nothing is something very hard for me. But I am learning. To listen to myself and to my body when it says I am pushing too much, for too long. To her I am deeply thankful for opening my eyes. Thank you Patrícia.

I have also realized what I want do do in this blog is not just show projects or ideas. I honestly and truthfully like to write, spread my thoughts, so (sorry) but prepare for that on a more regular basis…Food for thought has come back to stay!

Now, these photos…. they were taken on my sewing class students get together. The day itself was a bit cloudy but that didn’t stop my 8 amazing ladies plus some of their children to come along and sew for a whole day.

The idea was to make two projects: a bag and a sewing box. On the day itself we only finished one of them but the purpose wasn’t to just put the sewing machines running. This is a day to laugh, to spend time with each other, to eat oh so good things and enjoy what creativity and togetherness brings.

For each of them I made a small gift bag with scraps of fabric and a little note. Plus of course the instructions for the work itself.

I really think that these images speak for themselves! Small details, flowers, fabric, food: a perfect combination for a perfect day!

Even during the day, I like to light up candles. They give me a sense of warmness I seldom get….

The fabrics I used for my projects where in my stash for many, many years now! I bought them from Inês Touzet, a friend no longer with us and I have saved them for a special project. And I am so, so happy about how both bag and sewing box turned out (first image on the left corner)!

It’s the small things. Yes, I believe in this with a certainty that sometimes I lack in other things. They bring me comfort in knowing I did go the extra mile to make things prettier, tastier, more welcoming, more home, more warm, more me!

To my sewing class, thank you for coming and making this such a special day! I know many more are yet to come.

The amazing photos on this post were taken by one of my sewing class students, Ana Mota (search her on instagram at Motinni). The photos are amazing and show the spirit lived thru out this day! Thank you Ana for letting me use them!

Because Life is a Story worth sharing, thank you for being part of mine!

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