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Recipes for happiness

When I set myself on this journey to bring the smile back to Manoli Picatua’s face I really didn’t know what project I was going to make. Believe me, I didn’t. When the numbers started to raise, kit wise, I had another problem actually bigger than knowing what I was going to do: I had to find what to do it with!

All I knew was that it had to be happy, pretty, had to be me, had to have a message. That is how Recipes for Happiness came to life!

Yes it is a mini album (you all know I am a fan of those, right?) but in it’s essence is so much more. What do we need to be happy? What do I need to be happy? The answers were easy to find! Family. Love. Friends. Work. All the rest falls in between these 4 big words!

This is not a photo album, it is a life album. For me at least it is. I loved doing it. My four recipes for the soul are complemented with two recipes for the body and a little surprise at the end.

Today we begin the enormous, gigantic task of preparing the 275 kits that are ordered and that will for sure help bring Manoli’s smile back. Her daughter is recovering to add to this so all in good tracks.

Last Sunday we had the first of the two workshops I am teaching to help raise smiles. And I have to give thanks and thank “yous”! First of all to Ivone and Rosália for helping me set up the room. Then to Manucha and Nuno who sent us their works of art to add to this day.

To my helpers, my children: Luís, the artist, Gonçalo, the accountant and Filipe the entrepreneur.  And to Matilde as well.

This day wouldn’t have been possible without the presence of everyone that came to the class, from the 4 girls from Santiago de Compostela to my friend Patrícia, who had never done a scrapbook workshop before but decided to come for the cause.

It was a hard weekend for me, I must admit. With Leonor with chicken pox at it’s worst it was hard to leave her the whole weekend to keep this in motion. But at the end of the day this small sacrifice brought me closer the goal I set: help Manoli smile again.

More than what we are raising for this cause, I am overwhelmed by what we have achieved so far: bring a community, not always very close, to help one of their one. To everyone that is stepping in to help, in whatever way, thank you! I know that in years to come we will look at this and rejoice because we were able to join hands and simply give!

Because life is worth sharing….let’s celebrate it with a bit of music!

Because I am Happy!




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