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Quotes, traditions and just because….

It is common knowledge that there are some days better than others. Some days you are considered a hero, some days a bastard, other days you are nothing and some you are on the top of the world. This week for me and others has been like that! So it has made me think a lot about one of the most lacking qualities in mos human beings: patience! And after realizing that I also realized that is a quality I have to master better!

Then on Pinterest I stumbled with this quote!

Isn’t it just perfect? If somehow we could master all these small things we would certainly be better individuals. No, we would be better human beings! Funny enough I have this image in my head of people going around with band-aids of things they would like to do better sticked to their foreheads!

Anyway the last week was a marathon to finish pending things, in which I failed miserably! If I was to rate my ending position it would be lower than 100! I did accomplish some things but not the most important of them all: decorate my house for Christmas with my children! So I feel really bad about it, specially knowing I will only get to have time to do it next week! We will just have to let the decorations up for another week in January!

But I did get somethings done: I am proud to say I finished the four Advent calendars for my Godchildren! Yes there are four of them, aged from 23 to 10, three boys and a girl (like my children, funny isn’t it?).

Anyway I decided to undertake a very difficult task! And because I wanted to make one for my children as well, I ended up making 5 Advent calendars! I lost count of how many small boxes I assembled, painted, glued paper on and decorated! But I am really happy with the result but more than that I am happy I sticked to my very long time resolution to make every year a different calendar for each of them!

If nothing else, one day when I am gone, they will look back at the Advents and think about me. And if with those advents I can somehow pass on the message that Christmas is a time for sharing and caring for others, then my mission as their Godmother is more than accomplished!

I ended up only taking good photos (my iphone and I still don’t work well together) of two of the advent’s plus the one I made for my children. Fancy a peek?

 This one has 3 boys and a girl! I wonder why…..

Anyway, my classes before Christmas are almost over but I will be teaching in Salamanca, Spain, on the 14th of December and I am making to very special classes at 512 Ideias, one just before Christmas and the other one just after.

The star album I made for the class in Corunha was a bit hit. It is very, very simple but since it mixes Sizzix and dies the perfect way, it was a very good project to make!

And just because it is Christmas, I really feel like sharing! So here is another of my all yime favorite Christmas songs! Enjoy!

I am dreaming of a white Christmas….

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