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Quotes and sayings

I must admit I love quotes and sayings. I hardly ever know their source or who brought them into the common everyday life but I still like them.

When one of the them strikes me as something to ponder upon I go and look them up. So this Sunday I heard this one at mass: evil prevails when good men do nothing, by Edmund Burke. And as much as I like the idea within it, I so much more love this saying done in the positive perspective: no evil prevails when good men put themselves to work. I know it is not as pretty but it makes me feel happier somehow!

But something else is zooming in my head, a lot to do with my Pinterest re-adiction (I must admit that we have a strange do or don’t, me and Mr. Pinterest). Have you ever heard about this?

Does it relate to you as much as it does to me? Every once in a while I remember thinking that it will only be madness until this or that day. But somehow the madness end day keeps being postponed and postponed. For now my new motto is simply: live each day like there is no tomorrow! And I keep hoping there will be plenty of tomorrow’s do the whatevers that weren’t finished!

Anyway, last Saturday by big tour of classes begun. I had 42 in Cambados, Spain, I am now teaching for 4 days in Madrid, I go back home to a full week of teaching around the store and then I will have more than 200 hundred students between the south of Portugal and the north of Spain in just less than 5 days! The projects are all, well projected! It will be good fun nevertheless!

And although I cannot show my scrapbook projects yet (well I am sure you have seen the Bundled Up organizer by now, but if not find it below) I can show my latest patchwork projects. I have tons of ideas of things to make but not much time to bring them to live but one does, what one can, right?

So if you are in Madrid for the next couple of days, I am teaching at Creativa. If not, well, I am sure our paths will cross soon or later!


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