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Proud Mum

I am sure that if you are like me, you are proud of your children. We rejoice with their big and small achievements, we brag about it to friends and family, we even talk about it on facebook depending on how big they are! I am one of those Mums and no I am really not ashamed to admit it!

But there comes a day when you become proud for very different and strange reasons!

Let me start by saying that all is well and that it was just a minor thing and she is back home and running! But when on Tuesday I had to bring Leonor to the emergency room I knew that they would start her on IV fluids because she was dehydrated. I was sure and so it was.

It doesn’t really matter if it is your first born or the 4th of your children, it doesn’t count that you have seen it happen time and again: it is always hard to see them suffering. As the nurse tried to put the needle in her small arm and failed to do it two times because of the dehydration already being too high, we prepared for the third count.

When she realized what was going to happen she turned to the nurse crying and said: please no more needles. Just one time. Just one sentence. Just one please. At that moment I cried! Because at that point more than at any other I felt very proud of my sweet, delicate, polite little girl! That made up for all the pleases’s she forgot to say!

The needle got placed, the IV inserted. One night sleep at the hospital and home we came again. All is well!

Because Life is a Story worth sharing…time and again!

  • michelle - What a lovely post. You’re so good a worrying from the heart!ReplyCancel

  • michelle - What a lovely post. That was meant to say ‘you’re good at writing from the heart’!ReplyCancel

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