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Happy New Year everyone!!!! Since I feel like every time I state my new year resolutions for the blog I end up failing all of them, I will simply keep them in a piece of paper till the end of the year and let you be the judge of how I did! * Bom ano! De cada vez que passa o dia 31 de Dezembro e entro num novo ano, faço uma lista das minhas ideias e intenções para o blog e todos os anos acabo por falhar redondamente! Por isso este ano vou mantê-los numa folha de papel e quando chegarmos ao fim do ano logo se vê!

After being able to enjoy one of my biggest luxuries, no alarm clock for 3 days, I got really energetic again and that normally implies cooking and baking! And since I had offered myself a new book (the amazingly wonderful The Kinfolk Table cookbook) I decided to put it to use! * Depois de ter o fabuloso luxo de não colocar despertador durante 3 dias, os meus níveis de energia começaram a voltar ao normal, o que geralmente significa cozinhar! E como tinha oferecido a mim mesma um livro no Natal ( o maravilhoso e fantástico The Kinfolk Table Cookbook), decidi dar-lhe uso!

By the way I will create a column on the side of the blog with the recipes I try and end up loving! Stay tuned to that too. * Já agora, estou a criar uma coluna lateral no blog onde irei colocando as receitas que vou experimentando daqui e dali, por isso fiquem atentos.

My little helper Leonor prepared the dough for the Breakfast bread so we could let it rest for Sunday’s breakfast. * A minha pequena ajudante a fazer a massa para o Pão de pequeno-almoço antes de colocarmos a massa a descansar para levar a cozer no dia seguinte.

And this is the amazing book I bought and that I absolutely recommend! * E aqui está o maravilhoso livro que recomendo absolutamente!

My students from Sewing class gave me on my birthday this wonderful tea set from Pip Studio. I hadn’t used it yet so decided to make a very special Sunday breakfast table with it. * Nos meus anos as minhas alunas da costura ofereceram-me este bonito conjunto de chá da Pip Studio e como ainda estava por estrear, resolvi fazer uma mesa de pequeno-almoço bem especial no passado Domingo.

But I like to begin each new year well organized and everything has to be ready for those first notes and appointments so I decided to book bind an A5 book and a 2016 big agenda. Both of them very simple but I know they will inspire me to do great things. * Gosto de começar o ano bem organizada e tudo tem de estar preparado para aquelas primeiras notas e apontamentos por isso mesmo decidi encadernar um bloco de notas A5 e uma agenda bem gordinha. Ambas as encadernações estão muito simples mas tenho a certeza de que me vão inspirar.

I still had some quotes left so I glued double sided adhesive tape to each of them and glued them thru the notebook so that I get a surprise when I arrive to that page. That will be really fun actually! * Acabaram por sobrar algumas etiquetas desta coleção de papel e acabei por colocar fita cola dupla face e espalhei-as pelo caderno fora. Vou ter muitas surpresas ao longo do ano.

The 2016 agenda has a gold edge which I think gives it a very polished look. Have you ever done any sort of bookbinding? Would you like to try? I can honestly say that it is very rewarding! * A Agenda para 2016 tem a borda dourada o que lhe dá um ar muito especial. Alguma vez fez encadernação e cartonagem? Gostava de experimentar? Posso dizer com franqueza que é muito divertido!

I hope this inspires you to craft so stay tuned and share what you have been up to! * Espero que estas imagens o inspirem a criar e que continuem a seguir este espaço!

Because Life is a Story worth sharing, thank you for being a part of mine!

P.S. Notaram alguma coisa diferente no site? Quem adivinha?

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I just could not finish 2015 without writing on the blog. It was such a year! I can’t say it was all bad or all good. It was a very challenging year, that I can say!

Some very good things happened, some bad things happened and as I go thru the photos on my icloud I can see things I had forgotten, moments that went by without me noticing that they came and went.

My biggest achievements of 2015? Well I launched a magazine in the market, I made a non sleep marathon of 48 hours, I completed 20 years of marriage, I managed to stay above water and I think my children don’t hate me for the time I had to spend working!

I am a firm believer that an image speaks much more than words so this is sort of my year in review! Mind you in particular order or degree of importance! And yes I have only chosen photos of the good things. After all, what is the point on dwelling with the bad?

After trying for several days to take a photo for our Christmas card, this one was taken a week before Christmas! I was still able to make some cards…on the 24th of December!

Disneyland Paris 2015: Loved going with my Mother and the three girls. Lots of fun, laughter and carrying them around….

Seeing and listening to the Pope in Rome was for sure one of the most beautiful and inspiring things for me in 2015. I hope I can meet him in Portugal in 2016 when he come to visit.

Filipe’s confirmation day was a beautiful sunny day that produced some of my favorite photos of 2015. I love my family and being able to spend time together with them is one of the things I most enjoy doing.

We seldom take photos like this. In honest truth I don’t think we had on in a very long time. Not even at the various family members weddings. Love the smiles, the hugs, the hands joined together. Brothers and Sisters, Parents and children. Yes this is my family and I am so proud to be part of it!

Ballet is part of my life and being able to dance with my daughter at the school year play was for sure very important (even thought we are both wearing one f my least liked colors)!

Saying goodbye or see you later, is always hard. This was an homage paid to Conceição, the amazing woman that helped us grow up. A day of many tears I must say but also a day to show the gratitude we have for her.

DSC_0961Summer photos are the best I must say! Everyone is relaxed and tanned!

My boys!!!!

So far my parents count 8 grandchildren and more is on the way! It is never easy to take photos of 8 or 10 people but no matter what the result is, the process that lead to these images was such fun!

These photos were taken for the Love Crafts Christmas issue. They are on my top ten!!!

These 4 cousins are already such great friends! I can see them in a few years going shopping together and having the best of times in each others company.

My birthday was certainly different this year but a very good day that I will hope will set the tone for a very good year!

My parents made this in their home. Isn’t it amazing?

Friendship. True friends. How lucky I am to have them in my life!

There isn’t a Christmas without a 25th official team photo! Here is ours!

February 2015: the first Mother/daughter journey. She was so sweet and well behaved all the time. I hope that I can make this an yearly habit.

Sweet Frederico was born in May and I just love this new baby nephew so, so much.

20 years of marriage. And 25 since we started dating. A whole life spent alongside this gorgeous man with whom I have built a family, a home and a place where I know I can always rely on. May we count 3 times more!

They grow up so fast. In just 365 days they change so much. My four babies are becoming less babies by the day…

You know you have a full life when you have friends to travel with, girlfriends with whom you can splurge on an High Tea. After all, what is that we take from life besides love and friendship?

I have so many images and memories more from this year that now ends. It marks the end of some things for me and the beginning of new, better ones. But that is an entirely new post so I will leave it at that.

I wish everyone of you an amazing 2016 and I leave you with this amazing song from Mariza. It has been playing endlessly for me since my birthday and it gave me the courage to follow my dreams and finish some very important tasks. Hope it brings you the same sense of possibility and belief it brought me.

After all, Life IS a story worth sharing!

  • Maria Soares - Hi Patricia, what a lovely family you have, I hope to meet you next time you come to London to see Michelle Anne Johnson or perhaps when I visit Porto in the summer, my family is from Villa do Conde/Povoa De Varzim, so it is easy to go into Porto by Metro. Have wonderful 2016 and may your craft business continue growing.ReplyCancel

As usual, my posting abilities are not good! At least frequency ones! Days are running by with tasks pilling up and time running bellow zero!

I have so, so many classes scheduled from now till the end of the year that not much time to do anything else.

The first one is this Families are Forever mini album that I will be teaching at 512 Ideias on Tuesday, the 20th of October and on the 23th at CREATIVA Madrid! This last class takes place at 17h30 on Friday and it will be a one class only! So if you haven’t done it yet….register now to attend either of them!

Here is a sneak peak of the mini album that is a tribute to my family! Hope you can join me in class and make a tribute to yours!

Because Life is a story worth sharing!

Call me romantic or, rightfully, Mother goose, but the truth is today I feel a million times better then yesterday because we are all together now! I know my children are growing up ever so fast and that not long from here they will leave the nest and build their own families. I know that day will come but for now, I can still say that I am entitled to feel so much happier to have all of them around!

Oh, and I didn’t cry yesterday at the airport when we went to collect the two older boys…I sobbed a little during the day to compensate for it!

We will now, God willing, enjoy a few days vacation (although I will be working to finish the magazine issue number 3). In a flash, school will start again and we will be back to our routine.

I love the quietness of the countryside and I am always inspired to make new projects, new designs or even go outside the box and sometimes even try projects I would hardly ever do…

I have done the usually stashes of strawberry and prune jam, a little gardening, some washing machines of clothes…. just the usual country life, were days do go at a different pace.

It is not a tradition in my country to have birdhouses in the garden. I have always admired such constructions and wonder if birds do in fact use them!

The first cardboard birdhouse I ever designed was three years ago. From that first one, that I honestly still love, to this one that appeared in Love Crafts nº 1, there isn’t much difference in technique. What do you think about it? Would you like to build one? Well, then stay tuned because I will be coming up with kits for you to easily build this house!

I wonder who is the lucky bird that is going to live inside it…..

Because life is a story worth sharing….

  • manoli navarro - Disfruta de cada momento, ya sabes que cuando menos te lo esperes se van! Pasa unos días felices en familia que yo también lo haré!!
    La casa es tan bonita!! seguro que nos encantan esos kits.
    Un abrazo enorme!ReplyCancel

I have no idea why it happens to me but it does!

Every time I go to the airport to collect someone I always get emotional! Like close to tears, actually shed some kind of emotional!

I can be collecting a family member, a colleague, a client, it really doesn’t matter! When I am there I get to witness the purest of emotions between people.

Love, anger, sadness, joy…. In the faces of those that are arriving and of those that are there waiting. Mothers embracing their children , lovers reunited, sons that come home, all situations that show how much people actually care about each other.

Lately my children have been traveling, some more a far than others. It is strange to be left with only the little one at home. I am grateful for the opportunities they are given to travel and enjoy their vacation but at the same time I so wanted to be with them. I can’t wait for Monday to arrive and have all of them back under my mother goose arms!

And call me romantic, but whenever I go to collect my love ones, when I am there at the airport door, looking to see when they are going to appear, this song is always in my mind.

Because Life is a story worth sharing…