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On the road again….

After a few days at home, it is time to get on the road again. I don’t know why, but this expression reminds me of a Simon and Garfunkel song, although that is not a S and G song (by this statement only you can guess my youth days are long gone…)

I absolutely love doing Christmas projects. They somehow fill my heart with a joy and hope that better days are yet to come. As you know, if I was home doing them, you would find in my hand a cup of hot chocolate. It is my favorite winter drink and with a splash of cinnamon it is pure heaven!

Yesterday I worked on some fabric christmas projects, I have outlined my Wrapping and Gifts Christmas workshop (I do it every year so I can say it is a classic) and today I have worked in two more christmas projects for my classes this week.

I also made the hard decision to move my working desk from my room to my living room. It was hard but the fact that baby Leonor is sleeping when I need to use the sewing machine, just wasn’t working. So the living room is more crowded than usual and we still have to put a giant Christmas tree in it. But that is still a couple of weeks away….

Tomorrow and Thursday I will be teaching in the north of Spain, at Ponferrada, in Bricolor (100 km from Leon) . I have more than 100 people coming to the scrapbook class! I must say I feel really honored that so many of you want to come and attend my class.

Then on Saturday I will be teaching in Massamá, near Lisbon, at Papelaria Modo. I go there two or three times every year and it is so nice to see the familiar faces coming back to the classes every single time! There are some really talewnted girls there, let me tell you! I am still “cooking” their project but it is turning out really, really pretty (or so I think)!

I promised I would keep you all updated on my tours but don’t forget that you can find my classes every other day at 512 Ideias. I will be teaching at other places until the end of November but closer to the date I will let you all know.

In the meantime, want to take a peak at what we will be doing in the next couple of days? Pretty, yes?

And just so you get in the spirit of Christmas, here is one of the songs on my Christmas playlist. Or better said, two….

Oh Holy night by Glee

Andrea Bocelli and Mary J. Blige