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Numbers don’t lie

Numbers don’t lie. They never did. The number on your scale at home, your bank balance, your age. They are in their time and essence a truth not to be questioned.

142 kits ordered * 24 attending workshop in Porto * 50 attending workshop in Montijo * 1100 “smiles” raised in the fund

I have replied to everyone (I think I did so if I didn’t I apologize and just  email again please). And these are the numbers as we speak. And they don’t lie, do they? First of all, so many people care, second, so many people care for Manoli, third, so many people are willing to spread the word, fourth, there is so much more in scrapbooking then just paper.

I never in a million years thought that we would achieve so much. I don’t regret it a second, even if yes, you have made the math correctly, I need to make over 200 kits! But I am happy. Happy that my friend will receive the help she needs and deserves, happy to see individuals, designers and store owners come together for the benefit of other, happy that there is still so much goodness in this world!

Behind the scenes there is so much work yet to be done! So many of you have offered to help me kit this and yes I am going to take you on it! I promise to post photos of it. They will sure be a sight for sore eyes! This is just the beginning of the road but the pavement is looking brighter my the second!

But there is something else I have to do. Forgive me for it. But I have to say thank you to my family. They are the gems in my life. The one reason I get up every day. My parents are my example of kindness and goodness. My Father is the most generous man I know, followed by my brother Andre. My Mother is the most caring woman and although one may not notice, she is always watching us and others to see what else she can do to help. And she does it.  My small brother and sister always jump when called to help. Every time! If it weren’t for the support of my husband (shown again in the last couple of days, when I told them that I had to take my computer during our small family vacation to get this going) so many things in my life would never have happened. My children are my heart. No other way to put it. I ask that God will let me have all of it as long as I live.

I honestly believe that what goes around comes around. The good and the bad. Manoli is the most deserving person of the good! And these numbers just don’t lie, do they? For letting me part of her life, I have to say thank you. I just hope I have what it takes to finish what I have started.

Thank you everyone! Gracias a todos! Obrigada a todos

P.S. Perdón por solo escribir en Ingles, pero es como mi corazón habla y no lo se hacer distinto

Desculpem só escrever em Inglês mas é assim que o meu coração fala e não o sei fazer de outra forma

  • Carmen Benito - Un hermoso fondo para una hermosa iniciativa, tanto tuya Patricia, con el apoyo familiar por detrás, como de las personas que están participando de alguna manera. Y a Manoli porque a pesar de todo sigue con fuera y ánimo y tiene tiempo de dedicarnos unas palabras.ReplyCancel

  • Marina - Si no fuese poco ya el trabajo que te viene encima, aún sacas un hueco para estas palabras, de veras que lo tuyo si que es de admirar, por favor cuida mucho esa preciosa familia y sobre todo, sobre todo…no cambies nunca.
    Muchas gracias por emocionarme una vez más.
    Besos gigantes!!! <3ReplyCancel

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