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No but’s

I am sure it has happened to you, maybe time and again.

Have you ever experienced that moment when you ask about someone to someone else and the answer is: “yes, he is a good guy but…yah, he is a good guy”. Nothing said, nothing ventured but that BUT makes you wonder what the heck is not right about that guy!

Or when you are dating someone and the fatal sentence comes up: “I love you but…..” and the romance of what seemed to be for a lifetime is hence ended!

The situations where a simple three world letter can totally kill a moment, a relationship, a belief, the work of a lifetime, are countless. But there are other such words like If or Maybe. All of them raise a darn bitter feeling: uncertainty.

Uncertainty, lack of confidence, sadness, the feeling that we are not good enough, that our efforts will never pay off, that we will never reach our goals. Believe me when I say that, sometimes (ok, for me most of the times) the person shouting all this words is….(drumroll please)… yourself! We are sometimes are worst enemies and sometimes there actually are others….

I am a woman of great beliefs, great loves and passions. There is no middle point for me. Liking someone is not part of my being. I either really like or simply not like at all. The same thing about love: I love with deep, strong passion. I devote myself to others with my whole being and not once look back. But….at the same time I may forgive but I never forget. Ever.

That is why it is so hard for me to go over the but’s and the but’s issuers in my life. Those sort of people which have as an only purpose in their life, make you doubt yours.

We always seem to be more prone to judge, criticize, question than to praise, aplaude, show support. Why? Like, we should be ashamed to shout out our loves and beliefs and our praises but not the opposite.

We are judged when we show our love and praised when we show our discontent. Either raised by us or by others, uncertainty, doubt is not good. And it is at this exact point that the but’s, if’s or maybe’s happen. Funny enough, If is one of my favorite poems. I grew up looking at it. I know it by heart and it makes so much sense!

So today is the day to say to someone I love deeply NO BUT’S! Today is the day to say I love you. Today is the day to show how I care. Because sometimes we all need to be shown that someone is there for us, even if we already know it! Why? Well, because the world is filled with but’s, with If’s and maybe’s.

Life doesn’t go as we plan. It seldom does really. It is unfair. It looks not to be meant for the good. And as much as we try to comfort ourselves with the “I have so many other blessings…” feeling, it still hurts. And as much as that can be true, the why is always there. And the but, and the if, and the maybe.

So my dear, rest today in the knowing that I, We, Love you! And support you! And believe! Because you know what? Good things come to those who are Good! And my darling YOU ARE THE BEST!

Because life is a story worth sharing……







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