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I must admit I was really, really scared about it. Normally, I only scrapbook for myself. Even if the project is to become a class I will teach, it always ends up being for me: I am the client sort to say. And a very fussy one….

So when I was asked to make an album with photos from a 10 year period I shivered a little. Will they like it? What colors shall I use? Clean look, romantic, mixed media, new or more traditional style?

I decided to make layouts, some more intricate than others, using a different paper line for each year. In the end there are 55 layouts on the album. Yes, almost 60! But I loved every minute of this project!

When it was time to put the layouts in an album, well there wasn’t one big enough (yes, I have a thing for dimension, chipboard and such things in layouts). So I made one from scratch! This is the biggest one I have ever made and the spine is almost 6″ wide.

You can see the layouts on the inside! Pretty cool, right?

It made my day to know that the receiver of this gift really loved it! That is the best payment one can receive!

With the end of the school year I have also been preparing some small gifts to give to my children’s teachers.

But as usually I got a little carried away. I made a bread basket and two placemats to go with it. But you just don’t give an empty basket, do you? So I made some Chocolate caramel cupcakes and some butter cookies.

I assembled this cute display just for fun but it made me so want to host a tea party! Maybe if the weather gets better around here……

What about this tag? I so, so like these cotton tapes! They give that extra detail no any sewing project!

I am also adding some jam and tea and this weekend we had so many prunes that I ended up making prune jam. But that is an entirely new post …..

The placemats took me longer to make then I expected since I just had to add more of this and that to them!

Would you like to win a kit to make the bread basket and the placemats and a special surprise with them? Very easy: just comment on the blog AND subscribe to it by email (left column) and tell me if what do you use on your dinner table: towels, placemats, nothing! The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on the 2nd of July.

I can’t wait to hear from you! Because life is a story worth sharing…..

  • Maria João - Sou fã de individuais feitos com tecidos lindos e desde de que aprendi a fazer não quero outra coisa.ReplyCancel

  • Yolanda Padilla - Como me gustaria ser la profe de tus hijos !!

    El album debe estar precioso y grande, muy grande :-)), me ha encantado la idea de utilizar papeles de distaintas colecciones distintos para cada año.

    Tienes un buen gusto increible !



  • Rosa Caetano - Olá! E que bonito post! Bem, na minha mesa, por vezes uso toalha, outras vezes individuais… Tem muito a ver com o tempo, para não variar.. Mas é sempre uma mesa com posta com carinho, claro! Beijinhos e obrigada!ReplyCancel

  • Ana - Individuais para o dia a dia e toalhas bonitas para ocasiões mais especiais.ReplyCancel

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