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My Fair Lady…

Sometimes or well, most of the times, memories, songs, scenes from ones life just spring into our head. That sense of deja-vu, been there, done that sort of thing.

Other times it is not so much that you feel like you are doing something again, but more that you feel like others have lived and felt what you are feeling at that exact same moment. Mind me, the situation can be completely different but still takes you back to that one memory.

And that brings me to My Fair Lady kind of moment! Have you seen the movie? Well, I have a thousand times and more I believe! I know, of course, most songs by heart. So when on Friday, I finished the first part of the new project I am working on, a song from the movie just came to my head!

Believe me I don’t envision myself as either of the characters in the movie. It is just the sense of Did it, I did it! I doubted I could do it but indeed I did! I thought that I could ruin it, I doubt it but I did it!

The task I was given is long from being finished so I have no idea why that overwhelming feeling of conquer swept over me but the truth is that it did! It still kind of does!

I can’t show much more than details! Of a small portion of it too but well it still makes me smile and be happy! So many good things coming!

But as a multi tasker I am also working on this quilt. It was made from scraps of fabric as narrow as 1″ to 3″ wide. It is meant for Leonor’s bed so I hope I can finish it before she actually grows out of the bed! I am hand quilting it so it is taking a bit of time to actually find the time!

Time will soon tell how well I actually Did it! More than myself, others will be the judges of my work. You will be the judge of my work!

From experience I know that the road will be hard and long, that it will take long nights and even longer days! What will keep me going? The desire for a well and finished task and of course the best music mankind has created, like this one!

Because Life is a Story worth sharing….

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