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Mismatched and Odd numbers

(I wrote this article for the first Love crafts magazine issue. Because I find it easier, believe it or not, to write in English, this is the original text that was then translated into Portuguese… by my husband. Somehow, it still sounds better to me in it’s original form! Enjoy!)

It is funny how somethings are an acquired taste and show that the years have passed by you. For me these two imperatives were impossible a few years back. Now they are a constant in my everyday and a must in my creative work.

I can’t pinpoint the day I started crafting, I probably was born doing it! I do recall the afternoon’s passed with my Great Grandmother sewing and embroidering. She taught me everything I cherish about it. Then internet taught me the rest…. But all the time my passion for paper was very present!

As all the girls my age, at some point, I collected pretty notebook papers. Some had scent, others just unusual shapes, but my guess is that that was when my passion came to life. From simple paper collecting to scrapbooking was just a small step! My Mother sometimes plays with me saying in a past life I probably invented paper, for all the love I have for it. Who knows, maybe she is right!

It is not so much that I love paper, I love what I can do with it! I still have the first layouts and mini albums I made! Very simple, very geometric, very matchy-matchy and semetric! They show what my skills were but also what the trend was! If I didn’t know when they were made by the photos on them, I could certainly say by the styles, colors and designs! Mind me, as in fashion, the trends on paper come and go but I haven’t been around long enough to see that yet….

My endeavors as Miss Lacito’s begun not that long ago, when during a Scrapbook event I had students make so many small bows for a project, that one of them, Yolanda, gave birth to my craft name! Funny enough, wearing such a name finally gave me the sense I was finally a designer, a craft designer, with enough skills to have a special name! With that came the courage to sail stormy and unknown seas, to try different things, to get out of my comfort zone.

And that is how it was finally possible for me to try, have and cherish something unthinkable so far: mismatched china in odd numbers! The same with crafting: I can now make combinations that a few years back were not even on my dictionary, try new colors and simply not match everything on a page or album! And this is why, I can finally, without a doubt say I am a designer! Welcome to my world!

Because Life is a Story worth sharing!

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