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Luís: the boy who turned me into a Mummy

No, my son is not turning 18 today. That date isn’t far though…. No, my big boy, my first born, the boy who made me a Mummy just finished high school. And I am so very proud of him. Of him: his qualities, his generosity, his personality, even his faults. Him as a whole.

I remember clearly the day I found out I was pregnant with Luis, all those years ago. I was still in college and I went with a friend to a pharmacy to make the test. When an hour later we returned to find the result I could not believe it! I so wanted this baby! Of course I missed the rest of the day classes and I went to my husband’s working place to give him the news.

After that 7 months of a very hard pregnancy followed. Very hard and heavy pregnancy (won’t go into details just in case someone is still pondering about going into this journey and gives up after reading this. Bear in mind that I had 3 more, so..)!

And then, on a sweet Wednesday, Luís was born. Exactly four weeks ahead of what was due. He was oh so tiny but oh so perfect too!

I am not going to lie and say it was easy. It wasn’t. As much as I knew about babies, and believe me I knew a lot, nothing prepares you for maternity. With an appendicitis just one month after he was born, as I said goodbye to him while going into surgery, I knew that he was already my life.

As a little boy he was very curious, always wanting to know more. He still is. He loves Lego’s, has a true obsession, in a good way of course, about Leonardo da Vinci. He likes the old classics from Brian Adams, Eric Clapton to Queen. He likes to be well dressed (thankfully he never fell into the fashion of wearing ones pants at knee high instead of waist) and sometimes I call him Mr Fitch…

He likes cars. He likes football but he never wanted to be a famous player. He loves Tv series, from How I met your mother to Perception. He has always been a smiler! Oh and what a gorgeous smile he has!

Searching for the photos, they are previous to the digital era, hence they are stored in proper albums, brought back so many memories!

The last couple of days in my sweet boy’s life have been a turmoil. From the happiness of graduation to the pain from a needed shoulder surgery. I don’t like to see him in pain. No mother does. I promise it will go away soon. Or at least soon enough.

Not far from now, the challenges of college will be upon him. They will be for sure days of conquers but of suffering too. Nothing comes without work, hard work so, my son, prepare to give your best to achieve your dreams.

His high school graduation took place in one of Porto’s most beautiful places: Palácio da Bolsa. All the girls where wearing long dresses, the boys in suits and ties. Every little detail of the ceremony brought even more grandeur to it’s meaning: our children are ready to fly solo.

I love the photos we took of that day! I am sure the professional photographer there has many more and much better ones. For me these mean the world!Funny enough these photos remit me to a phrase my parents and in laws said on our wedding video: may the happiness, serenity, beauty and peace of these images be a constant in your life.

There were speeches. There were tears (ok, ok, I shed a few of them of course). There were applauses as each student was called, one by one, to receive the diploma. There were hurrays and chants when they hugged each other and their teachers. Many good memories were for sure made this day.

But this one was for me the best: our first Mother and Son waltz! We had not practiced at all. But we did it! And yes I was and still am the proudest Mother ever!

I know that he still has so many more things to achieve, that, as I keep telling him, this is the end of one road but the beginning of another as well. Have faith, have courage, believe in yourself, cry when you need to, laugh when you feel like it, embrace life and all it’s greatness. I will always love you!

As I was searching for the albums, I found a text I wrote, almost 17 years ago, when he turned one. It made me laugh and cry. There is something I wrote there my dear, sweet boy that I would like you never to forget!

Life is made of whatever we want it to be. You just have to believe that either at the end of the storm or the bottom of the rainbow there is a treasure waiting for you.

Because life is a story worth sharing….with all my love my son!

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