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It’s the Little things

As usual my posting time is, well far from the best! I mentally write lot’s of posts but actually writing them here is a whole different thing!

Easter for me this year came and went so fast that if it wasn’t for the extra pound for eating chocolate almonds I wouldn’t have even noticed it was here! No time for decorations, for special treats, nothing of the sort. It made me feel really bad that I hadn’t time to prepare those special things for my loved ones until I saw this years photos and realized that it’s the little things that matter!


Ok, so I didn’t have time to make special egg hunting bags but all the children had fun searching for them anyway! And well, all the chocolate was gone before sunset so…..

Cousins playing with each other, offering a back ride to avoid dirty socks! Uncles and nieces playing together a scene that could well be from D’Artagnan, the natural curiosity for where the eggs are hidden, small pieces of life that really filled with joy!


“My name is D’Artagnan and I have a chocolate sword! Surrender immediately! Oh and cut the beard please, it is very itchy!” says the blond niece to her favorite uncle!

In the search for perfection we end up sometimes losing focus of what really matters. And in this case what mattered was spending time with my Family. Because no matter what kind of bag we use, there is always a egg hunt on Easter sunday, there is always more than 30 people for lunch, there is always the football game between children and adults, which normally ends up with one or too adults being removed from the field game with more less severe injuries….

Playing in the water canals, searching for the eggs in the strawberry fields and even opening Easter crackers it was indeed the best of times passed as it should be: with family!

No fuss, no hustle, no pretty bags or decorations, simply little things that made me feel like I  belong to the most important thing of al! Happy Easter everyone!

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