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I am currently on holiday… at least that is what it says in my status at work. But if you, like myself, are self-employed, you probably know there is no such thing as a proper vacation. The concept of unplugging has been totally unknown to me for a while now. I used to get a little frustrated, ok, I still get a bit frustrated, but I have learned to accept the fact that it is what it is and I might as well enjoy what I have.

So although I still work a little (or not so little) every day, my days do slow down during this period, my routine changes and things that I never have time for become essentials in my everyday holiday rhythm. Taking photos of the children is an absolute essential in this new routine. Sometimes they like it, sometimes they don’t….


The strangest thing I have realized lately is that there is one thing I do not do: I do not scrapbook; at all! I don’t even bring one piece of paper with me. Maybe my creative mind needs a break from one of the things I love most doing.

We started this break at an amazing hotel to celebrate my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary and now at this retreat that is their house I just indulge in simple pleasures and gather energy for the crazy months to come. I go for my morning workout before the heat starts, I bake, sew, cook but mostly play with my children. Mind though that I am not one person to sit and relax. Simply not my style! My favorite kind of vacation is travelling and sightseeing but with a toddler in the house this year was not yet the one to hit the road again.

My indulgence today was taking a 20 minutes nap after lunch, which was more than enough! On my morning walk today I came across a family of three wild rabbits (too fast for a photo), several dogs (which I dislike completely), some beautiful baby dragonflies and just the general beauty of the morning breeze.


 I also do a lot of baking and sewing and I find it extremely odd but the two things do come hand in hand to me. So I had my cousins visiting and their daughter saw my sewing machine and asked if I could make her a dress. I said that I could do a very simple, no collar nightgown if she wanted. Then she saw my notebook cover and wanted one as well. Result: three and half hours later more so the two projects were ready! Although I feel that with more time some improvements could be made to the nightgown-now-transformed-into-dress-because-it-is-all-so-pretty it turned out not so bad at all. As for the notebook cover I will post step by step instructions soon! And some more covers too.

My sweet model and my first fan I guess, Maria do Carmo, wearing her new dress.

But the more leisure days also bring the baker in me and making cakes and cookies is something I really like. Not fancy ones or decorated ones, just simple recipes that can be done quickly but have a stunning flavor when you eat them. A while back I discovered a Lemon loaf recipe here. For years I have been trying different lemon cake recipes in search of the perfect one! Lemon cake is my Mother’s favorite so I could not stop until I was happy. And I am happy now! This is the best, the most perfect, the most wonderful recipe ever! Thank you Made from Scratch!

You can see that my days have been busy, right? Probably not the kind of vacation one expects from a workaholic like myself but in honest truth these are the ones that make me happier!

Oh and because I know that some might find it difficult to follow the English version of this amazing recipe, here you have it in Portuguese! Enjoy and have a great time wherever you are!

Original recipe by Made from Scratch

  • Maria de Bolboretas - Ooohhhhh que paisaje tan bonito, la niña esta preciosa con ese vestido y el bizcocho tiene una pintaaaa, ñam, ñam.

    Pasalo bien en tus vacaciones, y descansa que t lo mereces.ReplyCancel

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