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I seldom, very rarely, speak about my work, what I actually do for a living. I keep this space more for my thoughts on life let’s say. But well, I do work! Besides running a business full time, I am also a creative designer. Yes, I actually scrapbook, design cards, make books, sew quilts for a living. And from all that I do, this is what I most love doing!

Last Sunday all over the world, Women’s Day was celebrated and my company launched a challenge to our followers. Each had to make a scrapbook page with the title I am! But in order to stimulate them, me and our other Designer, Manoli Picatua, made our own layouts, both using the same set of materials. We could only use one different thing of our choice.

Mind me, it has been a while since I have made a LO. It is not that I don’t like doing them but these days I end up making projects for teaching purposes and nothing else. And let’s face it, layouts have seemed to go a little out of fashion with the arrival of Pocket Scrapbooking.

So when we decided to go ahead with the challenge and I had to make my own LO it was a very fun thing to do! But then I pondered on the title and hence trouble begun… Who am I? I am what? In the challenge we had to state our qualities, good and bad and our flaws. But since I don’t think very high of myself this was hard. Which I know is a mistake but it is what it is.

So instead of writing my qualities, I decided to write some of the things people say I am and that maybe I should believe…And I also wrote e reminder: Today, Enjoy it, Love it and love yourself.

The one element I added was these flowers. They are from an old paper line from October afternoon. I simply loved that line and still have some of the papers from it stored for a special day. Flowers are one of those elements that I always use in whatever project I am making so they just had to be here! I also used a lot of stitching. I really like sewing paper!

I believe my life is a journey. To where is what remains to be seen. For now my days are filled with Family, Work and Friends. And everyday is a challenge and sometimes a struggle. As I keep saying to my children, as much as we focus on the end goal, on the top of the mountain, we cannot forget the journey, the climb, the everyday. And enjoy it!

You all know I am a huge fan of music. My days are filled with it! From classical, to rock, to modern. I am not picky! I just like it, period. So here is one of those that on a rough day helps me believe in the journey!

Because life is a story worth sharing….

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