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Happy New Year!!!

By the time you read my blog post title you will say for sure: she has lost her marbles! But bare with me for a second.

If you are in school, no matter what grade or if you have children in school, September marks in fact the beginning of a new year, a new cycle! Our routines change every year somewhere around this date (if you are in the north hemisphere of course).

Children start school and an all new dynamic takes place. The weather starts to change, the days become smaller and we prepare new books, new journals, new uniforms! So for me this is the beginning of the year, a new year!

My younger boy started today at a new school. He has grown so much! When we arrived, the social individual that he is, he simple said that it wasn’t necessary for me to accompany him and as usual in a split of a second he head his group of fans surrounding him. This will not be an easy year for him but it will for sure be entertaining to watch!

In just a few days all the Summer buzz will look like a long forgotten episode. We will soon be more tired than we should and craving for some days of rest. I already feel in need for a week in a spa! (this is of course me just day dreaming!!!)

Anyway I had a really nice surprise last week! You all know that I love to make decorations for parties, mine and others. So when I was given the chance to plan a Baking party it kind of felt like Christmas.

All the papers, decorations, the cake stands, the fabrics and the aprons are from my store, 512 Ideias. The amazing cakes, cake pops, push pops, cookies and meringue swirls were done by Francisca from Cupcake and we were really lucky because the party took place at the Intercontinental hotel in Porto.

But the real good surprise happened when Amy Atlas, the goddess of entertaining and party decor, posted our party on her blog! Link here!

I just cannot resist and show you some other photos of that day!

It was an amazing, fun afternoon! And let me tell you that those aprons are the sweetest thing ever! Leonor uses hers around the house every time now!

Today I am trying to gather some helpers for a late night task so we can pay tribute to another amazing lady that passed away this week. She had the most amazing hands: she baked, cooked, embroidered, sewn, knitted and had the funniest life stories you can imagine. Some years back she shared with me her secret recipe for her very famous peanuts. By then there were only 3 people that knew the recipe, as far as I know. Now there are only two…

She always gave us a jar with these peanuts for Christmas or when we came to visit. They were the most desired gift and the one no one wanted to share! Jars were hidden so they wouldn’t get emptied by non owners!

So today, we are pealing peanuts and soon they will become the forever famous “Amendoins da Tia Anita”. I can’t think of a better way to keep her with us than this. And I am quite sure there is a feast in Heaven today because of her arrival….

  • Rosália Rocha - Primeiro: Happy new year! Que o seja para o Petit Prince e para todas as meninas e meninos que vão, com toda a expectativa, (re)iniciar um ano do seu trabalho. Esperemos que se consigam limpar algumas pedras que estão espalhadas por este caminho, que é o ano lectivo, e tudo decorra na maior tranquilidade para os alunos, os professores e os pais.
    Segundo: A Baking Party foi o sucesso que se esperava e este tipo de iniciativas é de um tal interesse pedagógico e lúdico que devia ser realizado mais vezes!
    Terceiro: Os “Amendoins da Tia Anita” são uma homenagem linda a alguém que, com coisas simples, marcou uma geração.
    A propósito, não sobraram uns pouquitos para umas meninas lindas que lutam, por amor à causa, com uma máquina de costura na segunda-feira à noite?
    I’m sorry but my english is not “so beautiful”…….ReplyCancel

  • Ivone - Well i didn’t had the pleasure to know that lady but I sure would love to have the pleasure to taste those peanuts… And yes, it was hard to have to leave our “pipocas” by themselves today, and I knew mine was in big anxiety, but it’s the only way to let them grow!
    By the way: F. was great in that uniform.ReplyCancel

  • Ana Guimarães - I adore peanuts, so will lovely if i could taste those “Amendoins
    da Tia Anita” 😉ReplyCancel

  • margarida Oliveira - *-Lindo “menino”!Um BOM ANO LETIVO!!!… Para todos!!!

    *-Mais um trabalho(Festa Baking)”FANTÁSTICO”! Parabéns!!!

    *-Homenagem linda!!!ReplyCancel

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