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Happy Brothers day!

I think I have said this many times, but I don’t have many photos of myself and my brothers and sister. No idea why really. The fact that the boys now live in different cities and countries makes it hard for us all to be together. So when we do get together, in a special occasion or simply a lunch or dinner at our parents house, there is so much to say that photos are most of the times forgotten.

These are almost a year old and I can count by the fingers in one hand the times after this one when we were in fact together again, all four of us. It saddens me in a way that people who love each other so much, only get to be together now and then, but at the same time I rejoice in the fact that because we love each other so much we can pick up on whatever we were doing the last time we met.

So today is Brothers day and I really, really want to say how much I LOVE my two brothers and sister. Being the oldest I know for a fact I was a pain in the as…. as we grew up. Always the responsible one and the one truly in charge I did not leave things to ever get out of control. Well maybe that one time when we decided to play football in the sitting room and not only brooke on of Mum’s favorite vases but Catarina got a massive bump in her head… But I am so, so proud of what each one of them has become that today I have to shout to the world, André, João and Catarina that this big sister adores and loves you to the moon and back!

We couldn’t do more different things the four of us and I usually say that only my sister has a normal job! One designer, one football coach, one actor, one public relations (the normal job, of course). Our interests couldn’t be more different and although are passions in life have led us to follow different professional careers I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the things we have in common are far greater than those that make us different.

I wouldn’t be a sister if it wasn’t for them. It’s the fact that they exist that made me realize how much I wanted to have children and not just one. It’s the example of care, love and trust we have in each other that I hope my children follow. It’s the fact that we are always there, in the hard and the happy times, in the victories and the defeats, when it’s time for joy and time for tears that makes me feel so proud of this bond that we share and so undeniably loved!

And since today we couldn’t be together and so that we can at least sing together, here is a piece that I am sure will remind you of our childhood and hopefully make you laugh! All my love!


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