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God only knows

I have always been a fan of romantic comedies. I like happy endings in movies as much as I like them in real life. I mean after all, real life is already harsh and hard enough to see the exact same things on screen, right?

Movies like Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, Pride and Prejudice and Love actually are part of my portfolio of all time favorites. I know they are not the most elaborate of screen plays nor have the most profund lines possible but nevertheless my eyes fill up with tears at the same happy ending, over and over again. It does get to that ridiculous point where my children wait for the movie to get to it’s final moments to come and watch me shed a tear!

One of those movies, Love Actually, is actually during the Holiday season and no matter what anyone things, it is between my Christmas classics along with the Sound of Music, Beauty and the beast (yes, the disney animated movie) and some others that I will refrain myself to name because, well, I do have to keep some secrets! And I just adore that movie (ok, ok, the part where they portrait the Portuguese people as being, well morons, I do condemn). What better way to finish a weekend then snuggling on the coach, with a hot chocolate cup in one hand and a tissue to wipe the tears in the other?

But for me there are two musics in that movie that just blow me away. One was used at my brother’s wedding and the other is God only knows, from the Beach boys. If, like me, you have listened to the song over and over again but most of all, seen the hugs pass on at the end of the movie, you understand for sure how it is important to reflect on this one simple phrase: God only knows. Because isn’t it the most honest of truths?

Yes, if we are lucky and work for it, we get to be surrounded by family and friends who help and support us, who listen to our spoken wishes, sadnesses and desires, who are their to help and love us no matter what. But at the same time there are things that we keep so buried in our souls that in fact only God knows. If this is this right or wrong, I have no idea but one thing I do know: no matter how much we keep for Him only, it is always good to have someone to whom we can stretch our arm too, someone we can hold hands with or simply a shoulder where we can rest our head in. Because God only knows how much we need it!

God only knows by the Beach boys

And although the weather doesn’t make us feel like it is time to get ready for Christmas, my job is a constant reminder that we are seriously into the Holiday season! I have lost count of how many Christmas projects I have done so far but I love them all! Today I am working on a couple more but since I cannot show them yet, here is a little Christmas pick me up from last weeks work!

  • Edite Morais Silva - Uma grande verdade que por mais amigos e familiares próximos que tenhamos, certas coisas “muito nossas” só com Deus as partilhamos! E por mais complexos que sejam às vezes os nossos problemas, um pedido que Lhe é feito com convicção acaba por ter resposta!!! Às vezes parece que tarda, mas não falha!
    Adorei os projectos! Os papeis são lindos!

  • Manucha Couto - Gostei tanto de ler! à medida que ia lendo o texto ia vendo episodios da minha vida tao identicos.
    Um beijo

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