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God only knows..

I have no idea why it happens to me but it does!

Every time I go to the airport to collect someone I always get emotional! Like close to tears, actually shed some kind of emotional!

I can be collecting a family member, a colleague, a client, it really doesn’t matter! When I am there I get to witness the purest of emotions between people.

Love, anger, sadness, joy…. In the faces of those that are arriving and of those that are there waiting. Mothers embracing their children , lovers reunited, sons that come home, all situations that show how much people actually care about each other.

Lately my children have been traveling, some more a far than others. It is strange to be left with only the little one at home. I am grateful for the opportunities they are given to travel and enjoy their vacation but at the same time I so wanted to be with them. I can’t wait for Monday to arrive and have all of them back under my mother goose arms!

And call me romantic, but whenever I go to collect my love ones, when I am there at the airport door, looking to see when they are going to appear, this song is always in my mind.

Because Life is a story worth sharing…

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