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From the old days…

Although we are still very far away from having here in Portugal the thrift markets that take place in the States, we can sometimes find bits and pieces of the old days that are really exciting. They do make us feel sort of old because we usually present them as: this was from my days, or when I was little I played with this, but well it is worth it!

Although these are of course replicas, I was so pleased to find these cardboard valises! They are now filled with Leonor’s doll dresses and other things. I also found those cake molds and although they are great for decorating I am anxious to try them with actual cake mixture! Let’s see how pretty (or not pretty) they will stay!

I also found these pencil packs. Each set has 12 small coloring pencils and I just felt so thrilled to find the beautiful packaging from the old days being used again!

But it was this metal letter with pearls that took my heart away! I found it in an antique shop in New York, on the East upper side and I fell in love. I still haven’t found a special place for it so for now it is hanging in my office so I can see it from my desk. I have some ideas for it though…

And this is the so called piece of resistance! Do you remember these things? No? Well I loved them and now my children are addicted too. Basically you have a plastic sort of pencil and you pouch one of the circles. A small plastic ball falls out and depending on the color of the ball you receive a different type of chocolate from that brand, Regina. My all time favorite is Floc Choc! I know it is not the best chocolate ever but if you come by Portugal you have to try it!

Do you like to find things such as these? Where do you find them? What do you do with them? I would love to hear from you all…just to see if I am not the only revivalist around here…

  • Maria Feio - No… you are not alone!
    I love old bits & pieces too and wish we could get them in Portugal more easily… I love to have a good look around the odd pieces you can find in second-hand shops in the UK when I go there and wish the portuguese had less prejudices against second-hand things- re-using them, giving them a new life, up-cycling them can be a lot of fun and puts history (past and recent) into a present context.
    And… giving away my age here- I actually had and used a set of Viarco crayons like the ones in the picture when I was a child!!! Took me back a few years… my son actually owns and cherishes (for obvious reasons!) a “Times Tables” pencil from the same brand ;-)… it stopped sharpenning it when it got to the 3x… lolReplyCancel

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