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From teacher to student and back to teacher again

I have been planning this post for more than a week but I just haven’t had the time to actually sit down and write it!

Then, when I was about to write it yesterday, something happened in my family and I just couldn’t get myself to do it.

I have told you many times that I really like romantic movies. One of them, Notting Hill, has the most funny but also most moving scenes. In one of them, there is a sentence said that goes more less like this: “todays newspapers are tomorrows fish wrapping paper”. What makes a bang today will be nothing more than ashes tomorrow. And so it shall be!

As a friend wrote yesterday on facebook, ” So this is life, in an instant the page turns, the scenery changes….new winds, new breeze, new air, new seas to sail”.

Every day is a challenge in our lives: we strive to do better than the day before, we analyze our mistakes, we ask ourselves why, we doubt our capacities, the trust we put upon others. We cherish our loved ones, we give them comfort, we pray and hope for a better next day. If we are lucky, the next day can in fact be better than the one before.  If we are lucky enough, we will never be alone in this journey. And I am really lucky!

I have always believed that what goes around, comes around. I hope I am not wrong because in the same way I believe that evil brings evil, I believe that good brings good and that in the end, good, honest people are rewarded. And I will keep on believing no matter what. Not in the good in people but in good people!

And as Theodore Roosevelt said: ” Believe you can and your halfway there”. So let us believe and find truth on this belief.  To my darling ones, I will always be here for you!

In this last year I have been doing a lot of teaching. It has been the most rewarding experience I can recall and this last weekend I had another proof of it. But every teacher needs to be a student from time to time, and preferably in something one knows nothing about.

So I decided to take a class in something I know nothing about: cake decorating. But I have always believed that you should learn from the best so I booked a class at the famous Peggy Porschen academy in London, with my good friend Paula Pascual! So there we went, two teachers, two designers, back to the school bench!

We got to wear Chef’s coats and everything! The best part of this experience was to go back and learn something completely new. I absolutely loved it. And it brought so many things to my attention that maybe I hadn’t considered before!

We had this amazing teacher called Naomi. She was to the point, just as I like it. Nice but totally honest. I kept analyzing the experience and going back to my own classes and there is one thing I know for a fact: a good teacher is the key to a good class!

It was a very demanding 6 hours class, let me tell you! We learned how to cover four mini cakes from scratch, we learned how to use a piping bag, we decorated cookies with two different techniques and then we decorated the cakes in the end. I was exhausted but happy!

Sitting on that student bench, learning new techniques, doing things I thought impossible brought a sense of humbleness that I will cherish for a long time. When the class was over and I looked at my finished “masterpieces” I was amazed at how far I had been able to go, how much I had achieved. Somehow that feeling made me understand better what many students say after the classes: the sense of achievement.

But after coming back home it was time to get back teaching, so last Saturday I had the privilege to go to Salamanca and teach 50 wonderful and funny ladies. I redid my Bundled Up album just for them so they got to have a very exclusive class!

The warmth I received from them was very, very special! I have no words to thank them all but a special word has to go to Maleny and Tony who invited me to go teach at their event. Mil gracias a las dos!

As usual I didn’t have time to take photos but someone took this photo with a polaroid machine and gave it to me! Isn’t it great? I am really considering getting one for my classes and projects.

And what about the revamped version of my bundled up album? I honestly don’t know which one I like best….

This was my last class of the year. I have my monthly demo day at 512 ideias tomorrow and then I stop. I need to recharge my batteries, renew my ideas, rest to be able to move forward. I get so exhausted by this time of the year that I end up never appreciating Christmas as I should….as I want.

Because we all need to close our eyes from time to time so that when we open them we can truly see the light…

I see the light

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