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I have no idea if this feeling of mine is correct or not, but I am almost certain that the number of songs about friendship is almost the same as the number of songs about love. If it isn’t, it should be. At the same time, friendship is another sort of love so….

This week I was a witness of several acts of true friendship that really impressed me. It feels so rare these days to take time from our busy lives to support a friend in need or to simply perk him up! So many things get in the way of true, unselfish friendship! Not just time honestly, life in general in great part…..

It is probably silly but we do feel embarrassed as grown ups to hold hands with a friend and walk down the road or cuddle him when he is in distress or just out of the blue give him a big hug. All things we easily do as children!

When I was making the photoshoot for the new issue of #lovecraftsmagazine I prepared a Garden tea party photo set to make an article for the magazine. And of course I needed girls to be in it, so my daughter and three nieces were my models. They are a ladder in terms of ages, raging from 6 to 2. They all live close to each other and are so lucky to have their Grandparents house to get together several times a week, while we parents are at work.

I have many cousins as well, with whom I get along very well and one is such a good friend of mine that we call each other sisters. We never lived close to one another but as they say, the heart knows no distance.

But these 4 girls are so very lucky to be able to enjoy each others company on a daily basis. And that creates bonds that are far greater than any blood relation they may share.

On this particular day the weather wasn’t in our favor and soon baby Matilde and Benedita decided they were too cold to be part of anything their Aunt Patrícia needed them to do, so they went, rightfully I have to say, inside.

I am quite sure that if it wasn’t for the amazing talent of Brígida Brito that took all of these photos, and many more, the result would be much less impressive.

And that left the two others: my daughter Leonor and Carolina. They are 8 months apart and I sometimes call them Ebony and Ivory… They are very different in temperament but they are already the best of friends. The chemistry between them is simply astonishing and because of that, amazing images such as this one come to live.

No direction, no guidance, no do this or that. They were genuinely having fun! I love this photo, it is actually one of my all time favorites!. Because it is so authentic, because this is exactly what two best friends do when they are together: they laugh and have fun with each other.

If they were a little bit older I would bet they would be talking about this boy or girl at school, commenting on a teacher they just don’t appreciate very much or arranging everything for the weekend obvious sleepover. Since they are only 4 and 5 I have no idea what makes those lips curl up like that, with an almost mischief smile! How cute they look!

Call me romantic but I think that every year I will make a tea party for these girls and register it with a camera. Maybe even use the same china, probably chipped in years to come. Why? Because I have no doubt that these girls will be BFF’s for life! They will be old ladies and look back at these images and comment on the things I made them do.

Hands that cherish, hearts that give, souls that connect. This is how I envision true friendship. This is how I practice it. This is how I am sure these girls will live it.

It is good to be reminded of the goodness in the world. How no matter what, there is always someone out there, a friend that knows you better than any other human being. Someone you can laugh and cry with, that isn’t bothered when you don’t want to talk but understands when you need to vent about your day or week. Someone that will hold and squeeze your hand at the hardest of times, that will sneakily pass you a hanky so that no one knows you are crying. That will get in an airplane with you to have a weekend to relax and disconnect from the hazards of life

So I am quite sure that if I googled it, a countless numbers of songs about friendship would come up. Do you have a particular one you like? Can you share it with me so I can create a playlist on youtube? I already started but any suggestions are welcome!

I have no idea why, of all the songs out there, this is the one that comes to my mind today. I have shared it’s original version before, but today, because everyday is a good day to say this to a friend, here it is my dears, God only knows what I would be without you!

Because life is a story worth sharing, thank you for being part of mine!

  • Susan Azevedo - these picture are absolutly stunning. They look like something out of a storybook! Beautiful Beautiful scenery! Just lovely.ReplyCancel

  • Margarida Oliveira - Lindooooo, Patrícia!!!ReplyCancel

  • Diana Leão - Que lindas fotos! Estão fantásticas! E essas flores…
    Música sobre amizade que me vem logo à cabeça: “You´ve got a friend”- James Taylor & Carole King. Difícil encontrar alguém que genuinamente seja nosso amigo e que realmente “take the time”…ReplyCancel

  • Sharon Crabtree - “That’s What Friends Are For” – Dionne Warwick/Elton John. It says it all .ReplyCancel

  • Leonor Carrilho - As fotos estão lindissimasReplyCancel

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