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Craft for Nepal: because they still need our help

A funny thing about the news is that they only talk about, in general, the horrors of the moment. And that moment, for them again, is something that happens in a nano second and then expires. If you have seen the movie Cars you know what I mean: they come in hords in a minute, make thousands of reports on the situation and then disappear.

When that happens, when we no longer hear them talking about a subject, we just assume that whatever was wrong has been made right, has been mended, somehow sorted by a magic wand.

And, unfortunately, that could not be more untrue!

This image is still a reality in Nepal. Even if we no longer see it in our TV screens or news feed.

Because they are in need of help, because there are houses to rebuild, lives that need support, families that have lost the little everything they had, it is time for US to pay it forward!

The famous sentence, “no man is an island” surely applies to this situation. They need our help and we have the resources to do it. By doing it we simply give back to those in need what once someone did for us when we were in need. Big or small it simply doesn’t matter. We give in the measure we can.

My cousin Teresa was in Nepal two weeks before this tragedy. She was deeply touched by what happened and having friends there she has been following the efforts to rebuild the villages in the country. And they simply can’t do it alone.

International teams are on the field to help, private enterprises are volunteering with man power and tools but there is still one thing they need: money. And that is where WE come along!

Teresa started this event on facebook to raise money and awareness to this problem. You can see the details here. And we are joining her!

How? Well, by doing what we do best: crafting! Yes we are going to Craft for Nepal!

So how is this going to happen:

1. Every Monday of June we will get together @512 Ideias, in Oporto, Portugal, to make patchwork quilts. SO, if you know how to sew, have (or don’t have) a sewing machine, come by at 19h00 (7 p.m) and join us. We will provide ALL the fabric necessary. We need hands, plenty of hands!

2. If you can’t join us but still wan’t to craft and help, you can make 6″ or 9″ patchwork blocks and send them to us. We will incorporate every block we receive in our quilts!

3. When the quilts are ready we will auction them so we can raise the money needed to rebuild the houses.

I am not sure how much we will be able to accomplish, how many lives will end up being touched by our action….BUT…I know we have the obligation to try!

So if you can sew come along, if you are good at color matching, come along, if you are from a far, send us a block and if you have great social skills just share this post far and beyond!

Because life is a story worth sharing….

  • Calendário Junho 2015 » 512ideias - […] Craft for Nepal Vamos ajudar a ajudar, fazendo aquilo que sabemos melhor: Craft! Mais precisamente mantas de patchwork! Nós fornecemos os tecidos necessários mas precisamos de mãos para cortar e coser as mantas! Se tem uns minutos livres à 2ª feira ao fim do dia, junte-se a nós. Pode ver mais detalhes aqui. […]ReplyCancel

  • carla marinha - Boa tarde

    Apesar de perceber bem o Inglês, vou responder em português.
    Não tenho possibilidade física de ir ao Porto trabalhar ( com muita pena minha porque ia adorar) mas gostava de fazer blocos de 6 polegadas e de 9. Para onde posso enviar.ReplyCancel

    • admin - Carla,

      Muito obrigada por se juntar a nós! Mesmo, mesmo, muito obrigada!
      Pode enviar o seu bloco para Rua Prof. José Valente, 83 4150-717 Porto.
      Vou ficar à espera ansiosamente!!!!!
      Bem haja!
      Patrícia Villas-BoasReplyCancel

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