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When people ask me what is my favorite food I never hesitate: Chocolate! I could honestly live out of eating this food from the gods! It is not so much that I like to drink it (I was never a fan of chocolate milk), I just really like to eat it…. Of course that a cup of “Chocolate caliente con churros” is a must when I travel to Spain.

I could be tempted to say that I like all forms of chocolate but that is simply not truth. Fruit flavored types of chocolate and liquored ones just don’t go a long way with me…. White is also a more less kind of thing for me. But give me milk, 85% cocoa, hazelnut mixes and I am a happy woman!

In our house chocolate is the king of desserts! I believe that is why I make chocolate cake sooooo many times! And mousse, and cookies, and rolls, and…… I know most recipes by heart and whenever my children have a field trip of some sort at school, my chocolate something is always on the menu!

But you know what I like most about chocolate? It is perfect for sharing! You can share a square from a bar, a bite from a cupcake, a slice from a cake. It is perfect to greet new comers to your house, old friends, family, children…. It is perfect to share with your loved one, and it can be as simple as a flourless slice or as divine as a cupcake with champagne.

You can mix it with caramel, with salt, with hazelnut, with berries and you will always be surprised about how good it tastes. In my house there are two favorites: Catarina’s chocolate cake(named after my sister because it is her favorite) and Chocolate mousse cake. Would you like these recipes? Yes? If so, leave a comment on this post and I will post them in a few days! Promise!

But what if I told you that chocolate mixes perfectly with paper? You would say I am crazy but think for a bit. How many times have you gone for a chocolate bite while doing a layout? Or grabbed a hot chocolate before going into your craft room? How many times have you seat down to eat a slice of cake before submerging into your paper stash to create a project? Still not convinced? 

See, even the experts agree with me!

You will often find at my desk two thinks: a chocolate square and a cup of tea. In a pretty cup of course! I have as many special plates for chocolate whatever as I have tea cups. It is such a good mix!

Do you like chocolate? Who would you share it with? What would you complement it with? Well, I have a new adventure coming ahead (hum, actually two adventures coming ahead, BIG ones, but one at a time) but there are somethings you can just not do alone. You need someone to go along with you. A friend, a companion, someone that shares the same interests as you. What will chocolate go well with?

Well, I am lucky to have found it! But if you want to know more go ahead and jump into my dear friend Manoli’s page AND don’t forget to come back here tomorrow!!!!

Because life is a story worth sharing…..

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