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Chocolate quente XL….A job well done…I think…

Every year, around the months of March or April, my life enters into marathon mode. I don’t actually run the marathon or even take part in such sort of sporty thing but well I would say it is the close as it gets to it!

Why? Well because we organize what is still the biggest scrapbook event in Portugal by that time of the year. It is a huge task, gigantic and to be honest every year I say no more…just to start planning the next year within a few days after I utter such sentence! The event is called Chocolate Quente XL!

Basically we invite scrapbook designers from the US and the UK to come teach for two days and people can sign up to attend, by paying a fee. We set up a place, we organize the food, handle all the registrations, make the kits, deal with customs for what comes from abroad (and let me tell you that explaining what a brad is to a clearing agent is not easy), we organize the flights for the teachers, go get them when they arrive, pamper them because they deserve it just for taking the time to come, make the last minute always needed things, teach at the event itself and then clear everything in the end and put it back in place. Marathon like, right?

Yes, it is a gigantic task and everyone that ever decides that it is an easy one, well, you are so wrong! It is very rewarding though and that is why we keep on doing it. And when I mean rewarding, believe me again, it is not financially.

I am so THANKFUL for everyone that attended this year! The new comers and the regulars, the pros and the ones that had never scrapbooked before! The joy that I, and we as a company feel, to hear the praises, the comments, the blog posts, the facebook comments it is in fact what keeps us doing it over and over again. Thank you everyone!

All that come become a friend and that is the biggest payment we get from all of this!

I have thanked each teacher personally but there are no words to describe how thankful I am to Beth Kingston, Teresa Collins, Paula Pascual and Jeff Filimoehala. You might think it is in an easy task but as a teacher myself I can assure you that facing an audience of people who you don’t know, that speak a different language from yours is far from a piece of cake! For the courage, the time away from the family, the traveling, the work, the hugs, the support and for just being all so talented, thank you!

We had the usual group photos but there were so many people this year that we ended up not having one with all the groups! This is the one from my last class. And yes I looked that bad and had no voice by then!

Almost all of these ladies were from Spain so they deserve a special thank you as well for traveling from a far to be with us.

It is the fact that we have a great team and a great family behind it to support us that makes all this possible (p.s please remind me to have the team photo made on the first day and not the last hour of the last day!).

This year I really wanted to create something special! And well, I think I managed to do it! I love mini albums, always have and always will I guess. As mini as they are, they can hold so many photos and information! I used paper from Crate this time and the Oh Darling line was just what I needed to make an album for Leonor’s most recent photos.

It was a hard task that involved sewing machine and all, but hey, who doesn’t love a challenge, right?

The binder had a frame attached to it so it gained dimension and depth. It is easy to achieve and you can build your binder to match the size of an existing frame. This one is from Ikea.

I used the acrylic from the frame to create a different inner page. I stamped it with stazon and some doilies stamps. I honestly love the way it turned out!

I thought about this page for days and questioned myself over and over again if there was time to actually sew the paper in the class. Well I decided to go ahead and I do not regret it! Even if I was the one that in the end sewed most of the vellum pages, I still feel very good about it!

Some more of the inner pages: a banner one with a glassine envelope, a folded one with a side pocket and a simple one that lives because of the photo in it!

And guess what, I have some kits left of this class that I would love to give to some of my readers! So for your chance to win one of the 5 kits, please comment on the blog and tell me what is your favorite scrapbook subject and why! I am guessing you know my answer right?

I will announce the winners on Friday, the 2nd of May!

  • Carla Carvalho - Let me see… my favorite subject in scrapbooking is definitely Girls, I love to include my beautiful daughter in my works, album’s and layouts. The pinkness and mate colors of the collections are delight, and inspire me so much. Din’t get me wrong, I love my boy, but I didn’t find YETTTT the Collection to have the inspiration, that I’m looking for.
    I love your work please continue, even when you are feeling tired.ReplyCancel

  • Ana Sofia Ferreira - My favorite subject is all around KidsReplyCancel

  • Edite Teixeira - My favorite subject is My Boys, because my two hilarious kids are the reasom and the joy of my life! But I have two little twin nieces (3 years old), so I would be very happy to win that amazing kit and make an album for them!!
    Patricia congratulations for your creation…I was there (CQ XL) and by comments I heard, your project WAS THE FAVORITE!!ReplyCancel

  • Mara - Patricia gracias a ti, y a todas las personas que estuvieron detrás de la organización por todo (y a tu familia por estar ahí) Fue simplemente genial. Sin duda repetiré el año que viene, no me lo pierdo por nada!!!

    Eres muy grande!!!ReplyCancel

  • Manucha Couto - Patricia, parabéns pelo seu trabalho!
    Este ano infelizmente nao pude participar, mas pelo que ouvi, mais uma vez foi FANTASTICO!!
    O que gosto mais de trabalhar? Bebés e meninas, pois há sempre um detalhe mimoso que se pode trabalhar, mais um laçinho, mais um detalhe.
    Continue a ser fantastica e inspiradora, como já nos habituou!!

  • Antonia Hernandez Ramos - Muchas gracias Patricia por un encuentro tan especial.
    Abrazos para toda la familia.ReplyCancel

  • Carla Borges - Mais um ano que participo e mais uma vez ADOREI tudo. As pessoas, a boa disposição…enfim, tudo.
    O que eu mais gosto de trabalhar? O meu tema favorito é sem duvida alguma as crianças, em particular meninas, ou não fosse eu uma mãe babada de uma princesa linda que é o meu brilho nos olhos de todos os dias. E isso reflete-se nos trabalhos que realizo. Sem duvida os que me dão mais prazer.
    E, Patrícia….. para o próximo ano lá estaremos novamente!
    Beijinhos a toda a equipa que ajudou em todos os momentos.
    Carla BorgesReplyCancel

  • margarida Oliveira - Olá Patrícia!!! Já lhe lhe disse mas, nunca é demais dizer que ADOREI esse álbum que apresentou no CQxl 2014!!! Um “mimo” aliás como todos os seus projetos…
    Os meus trabalhos/ assuntos preferidos são sem dúvida Bébés…Crianças.Obrigada por mais esta oportunidade.
    PARABÉNS pelo seu trabalho!ReplyCancel

  • Alexandra Moreira - Antes de mais quero dar-lhe os parabéns pelos trabalhos excelentes que apresenta sempre. Os meus trabalhos favoritos são sem duvida as crianças, principalmente meninas, onde não faltam laços, flores e o cor-de-rosa.
    Já tive a oportunidade de ver ao vivo o projeto e é realmente fantástico.

  • Manuela Esteves - Boa tarde,
    este ano não pude ir, com muita pena, ao evento do Chocolate Quente XL. Mas sei que foi fantástico!!
    Adoro fazer todo o tipo de projetos de scrapbooking mas os projetos que me dão mais prazer são os mini álbuns 🙂
    Nestes projetos registo uma serie de momentos especiais com as minhas filhas e família dando sempre um toque pessoal e carinhoso 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Ana Rita Alves - Que pena não ter ido este ano, adorava fazer um projeto igual para a minha princesa. Adoro fazer projetos de Scrapbooking com e para os meus filhos 🙂ReplyCancel

  • vera parente - que pena eu nao ter conseguido ir, a ver se para o ano é em Lisboa!!!!beijinhos adoreiReplyCancel

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