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Sewing Ideas

I like terms, words and phrases that somehow hide content. Things that can be seemed and perceived as one and also another. Weird probably


Nos próximos dias 8 e 9 de Abril estarei em Lisboa a realizar 3 workshops na Papelaria Modo, em Massamá! O já “mundialmente”

It’s a Women’s Thing!!!

Feliz Dia Internacional da Mulher!!! Um dia em que celebramos a Força, a Energia, a Dedicação, a Amizade, o Amor e tantas coisas que fazem

What was your weekend like?

I am sure that you have been asked more than once what was your weekend like. For most people weekend means Family time, self-time and so

Recipes for happiness

When I set myself on this journey to bring the smile back to Manoli Picatua’s face I really didn’t know what project I was

Bits and pieces

This might be the strangest post ever but my week was certainly made of bits here, pieces there! It went by so fast that I can hardly

Em dezembro- parte 1 ::: In December part 1

Dezembro foi sem dúvida um mês muito agitado! A primeira paragem: Madrid! Desta vez para dar um workshop: a Coroa de Natal cheia de