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Tilda: that’s the name

Se a sua resposta ao meu desafio foi Tilda, então parabéns, acertou! Pela primeira vez vou usar esta marca e assim misturar papel e tecido

And the winners are….

Muito obrigada a todos os que participaram no passatempo dos 10.000 fãs no facebook! É muito bom ler os vossos comentários e sentir o

Blog Hop 512 Ideias: Reciclagem * Recycle

Olá e bem vindos ao primeiro blog hop de que faço parte, desta vez para a 512 Ideias! * Hello and welcome to my first blog hop, this one


I have no idea if this feeling of mine is correct or not, but I am almost certain that the number of songs about friendship is almost the

CHA em LA * CHA in LA

O início do meu ano é geralmente marcado pela visita àquela que é a maior feira de material de Scrapbooking (acho) do mundo. O CHA, como é

Your heart will lead you Home

I am a profound admirer of animation movies, Disney ones being those after my own heart. It is not just that all stories have a happy

Sunshine after the rain….hopefully!

They do say that there is always sunshine after the rain. This weekend it felt like that for me but after so many “rainy days”

Proud Mum

I am sure that if you are like me, you are proud of your children. We rejoice with their big and small achievements, we brag about it to

The 3 F’s

People from my generation were brought up by the undeniable 3 R’s campaign. Suddenly the world woke up to a need until then unknown:

The sum of our actions

Four weeks ago I decided to take action on something. I knew I could not make it happen on my one so I reached out for help. To all of

The “ball” is rolling

It’s quite late but I think I finally answered everyone! If I haven’t, please email me again! If I ever needed a proof that

First steps done!

When on Friday afternoon I decided to put my ideas into actions,with the push of two great friends, Paula Pascual and Beth Kingston, I