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Chocolate cake

There is a certain pleasure in going to sleep with the air filled with freshly baked chocolate cake. It is one of those things you

The challenges that we face…

I have never been a person that only sees in pink. I am more one that first of all looks at the grey and how almost black it all seems. I

Sewing Ideas

I like terms, words and phrases that somehow hide content. Things that can be seemed and perceived as one and also another. Weird probably

The true beginning of the year

There are many different marks in the “calendar” that you can acknowledge as the beginning of the year: you can celebrate the

Sewing friendship

This post is actually a few months behind…but I strongly believe that when ones whatever Mojo is gone, you might as well just sit


I have no idea if this feeling of mine is correct or not, but I am almost certain that the number of songs about friendship is almost the

Hora do Chá * Tea Time

Se costumam ler o meu blog e acompanhar as minhas aventuras, tenho a certeza que já descobriram que sou uma grande fã da hora do chá. Seja

A time for everything

(sorry, this one only in English….) As a professed Catholic, there are some passages of the Bible I am particularly found of and

A year in review…sort of

I just could not finish 2015 without writing on the blog. It was such a year! I can’t say it was all bad or all good. It was a very

Stop, organize, start over!

I spent the first two hours of my day (yes two whole hours) cleaning up my office. After mentally organizing how my Monday would be during

Any other Summer day…

(I wrote this article for the second issue of Love Crafts, here in it’s English version) I have always liked pretty things! And well

Mismatched and Odd numbers

(I wrote this article for the first Love crafts magazine issue. Because I find it easier, believe it or not, to write in English, this is