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I have no idea if this feeling of mine is correct or not, but I am almost certain that the number of songs about friendship is almost the

Happy Brothers day!

I think I have said this many times, but I don’t have many photos of myself and my brothers and sister. No idea why really. The fact

Happy Father’s Day!!!!

42 years separate this image from today: the first Father’s Day gift I gave to my Dad. Which obviously means I am getting very old

A time for everything

(sorry, this one only in English….) As a professed Catholic, there are some passages of the Bible I am particularly found of and

A year in review…sort of

I just could not finish 2015 without writing on the blog. It was such a year! I can’t say it was all bad or all good. It was a very


When people ask me what is my favorite food I never hesitate: Chocolate! I could honestly live out of eating this food from the gods! It is

Wonder woman or just an everyday Mum

If your age is in some way close to mine, for sure you grew up with the mythical image of Wonder Woman and of course it’s male

To do or not to do lists…

I must admit I am a list person. There is actually no way I can deny it!I make lists for everything: the supermarket, my daily tasks at

Ternura * Tenderness

Todos os domingos vamos à missa da comunidade Jesuíta no Porto que agora tem a sua celebração na Igreja de Cedofeita. Aí, tal como já

Curve ball

(sorry but just English again today)I am not a fan of Baseball and in good honesty know nothing about it besides what one sees in the

Tradições * Traditions

Todas as famílias têm as suas tradições, passadas através dos tempos de Pai para filho, de Bisavô para Avô e por aí fora.Mas parece que,


(sorry, but my Memories are only possible to write in English, although I am a proud Portuguese born and bred woman, but it just has to be