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Book Cover tutorial

Well, a promise is a promise so here it is the book cover tutorial! My book measured, opened, 16 1/2″x 11 3/4″ and it is a standard A4 book. You can buy them really cheap at big stores (I got mine for 50 cents each). Hope you enjoy this and happy sewing!

Book cover tutorial

You’ll need

1 piece of fabric for the outside with 18″x 12 3/4″

1 piece of fabric for the inside with 18″x 12 3/4″

2 pieces of fabric for the inside flaps with 6″x 12 3/4″

Ribbons and labels for decorating


How to

Cut your fabrics accurately. These measures are for a cover of an A4 book but you can easily make it for any other size! Simply measure the height of the book and the width of it opened and add 1” to the height and 1 ½” to the width. That will be your measures for the outside and inside fabrics. For the flaps you can use the same width I used and adjust the height accordingly.


Start by folding the two pieces of fabric for the flaps in half, height wise, and iron them in place.

Stitch a line at ¼” of the folded flap fabric. Repeat for the other piece of fabric.

Pick up your fabric for the outside of the cover and draw a line with a heat disappearing pen at 3 ½” from the bottom.

Using pins place your ribbon of choice aligned with the line you just made and stitch it in place.


Using a piece of leftover fabric a little bit bigger than the tag you want to place in the front, stitch it in place at 3 “ of the top and centered in the front. Use decorative stitches to add a bit more of fun! After that, stitch the label you choose on top.

Now it is time to layer all the pieces. Begin by securing the flaps to the inside fabric using pins, on the right side of it. Make sure the edge of each flap is aligned with each edge of the fabric. Then add the outside fabric right facing the inside one. Secure with pins.

Stitch all around the four sides leaving an opening of about 3” to turn the fabrics. Make sure you clip a bit of fabric on the corners so they stay pretty when reversed.

After turning the fabrics, iron well around the edges and after that fold the cover in half, vertical wise, and press on the middle so that the center of the cover is found.

Stitch around all the cover as closer to the edge as you can. This will close the opening that was left for turning. Stitch all the way on the centerline so that the middle of the book is well marked.

Place your book inside the cover passing the covers inside the flaps and you are done! Happy sewing everyone!

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