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Bits and pieces

This might be the strangest post ever but my week was certainly made of bits here, pieces there! It went by so fast that I can hardly believe it is Friday already.

If you are anything like me, buying a new stash of fabric is kind of the highlight of the week. I truly feel that buying it makes me feel happier and with a better mood in general! I have great plans for these new fabrics: a new quilt is in planning mood!

When I saw these fabrics I really got nostalgic! Which also kind of shows my age but still…. Won’t they look lovely on a project for Leonor?

These ones I want to use for a quilt for Leonor’s bed in the country house. It will be a simple but I feel it will look lovely (two quilts in planning mood…I won’t be sleeping this week but it will be for a very god cause).

But my week was also made of teaching, traveling, friendship and a little bit of love. Traveling to teach abroad is always a fun thing to do, specially if I can mix it with some “me” time. So between Coruña and Madrid I traveled quite a bit and had both a “me” plus a “us” time.

I can always tell when a window shop is well conceived, like this one from Barbour in Madrid. Why? Because although I am not actually a fan of the products I instantly wanted to buy each piece in this window!

Then I went inside a store called market, a trend store on a first floor of an empire style building. And I was impressed. By what they were selling but specially for the pieces they had in this wall. Simple art!

I love quotes and although I did know some of them, others were a surprise. A good one.

I know the photos aren’t the best but it was already night and I didn’t have my camera, just the phone (and I am still a believer that a camera is better than an iphone).

I seldom post photos of myself. Of my husband never. But I hope he forgives me because I just had to show this one. It was such a good day we had together! No children this time, just us. And with a full time job and four children “us” time is almost non existant! And we seldom stay good in photos so I had to take the opportunity, right?

During this journey I taught three completely different classes! I have showed you the mini album but here are the two others: an Easter centerpiece and a garland. I used different papers, styles, well almost everything really. But I like the end result on both of hem and the ladies that came to the classes did too so I guess I can say it was a well succeeded task.

Bits and pieces, right? Have a great and crafty weekend everyone

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